Short trip to Montseny Natural Park

Short trip to Montseny Natural Park

Declared a national park and biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1978, the Montseny Natural Park is one of the largest groups of mountains in the Catalan littoral between Osona, Vallés Oriental and La Selva (Girona). Its proximity to the capital and the chance to enjoy three different biomes (Mediterranean, Euro-Siberian and boreoalpino) in an area of ​​30,120 hectares, makes it one of the points of greatest interest to nature lovers.

Montseny Natural Park: natural Paradise

The popularity of the Parc Natural del Montseny is understood by its only 50 kilometers away from Barcelona with the large number of hiking trails open between its three main peaks: the Turo de l'Home (1706 m), Les Agudes (1703 m) and the Matagalls (1694 m). The routes are well marked and allowed for short trips of thirty minutes or a few hours through a circular route, to long walks of 50 or 60 kilometers, which meet the different faces of the mountains or the nearby municipalities.  

Many visitors of Barcelona do not hesitate to spend a day between the Mediterranean landscapes offered by the Montseny Natural Park, in a space that consists of rivers, meadows and high visibility that also allows us to enjoy the wildlife of Catalonia, where we can find more than two hundred species of animals among which foxes, hares, wild boar or civet cats and birds, fish and reptiles.

The website of the Network of Natural Parks of Catalonia is a good tool in which we can find many of the plans suggested by the Barcelona Provincial Council, which inform us about activities, itineraries, exhibitions and restaurants and lodging for a weekend full of activities, health and nature. Among these, they highlight some of the most famous routes like the one from Sant Marçal to Matagalls, as well as those that connect the Turo de l'Home with Les Agudes, l'Empedrat de Morou, and many others.

Also, beyond the walking tours we can connect to many of the points of interest with the help of the car or through excursions which take camping areas, museums and cultural and environmental equipment and park headquarters located on the Highway 5119 (Km. 2.5) in the municipality of Mosqueroles.

The Montseny is one of the twelve most important natural areas of Barcelona and one of the points of interest that we can visit if we live in the city or we are visiting for a few days; accessibility and variety of flora and fauna make it one of the star visits for anyone who likes to delve into the nature and get lost in it for a few hours. To discover a natural paradise full of peace is possible in the Parc Natural del Montseny. Stay at the Hostel Pere Tarrés and discover the best hostel in Barcelona. Experience the peace and quiet of nature!  

Photo credit: Perrimoon via / CC BY