What to see in Figueres

What to see in Figueres

If you are going to visit Catalonia and do not really know where to go, there is something you can not miss: we are talking about Figueres, Dali's hometown. The main attraction is, without doubt, Dalí Museum. This space is dedicated exclusively to the works of the painter: here you will find from his early beginning with surrealist painting until his latest creations. You can also admire a set of works that were created exclusively for this museum.

But do you know that Figueres can offer much more than little or nothing to do with the Catalan painter? Let's discover some sectrets so you do not miss anything of this fantastic city. It is in your hand to discover the rest!  

  • Castillo de San Fernando: This is the greatest monument of Catalonia and the largest fortress in europe with bastions of SXVIII. Its name honors the King Fernando VI and its construction began  to stop possible invasion from France. Curiously, Dalí was here as a recruit in 1925 and was the venue chosen to shoot several scenes from the movie The Perfume.
  • Toy Museum: This museum is one of the most famous in the region. In it you will find an exhibition of over 4,000 toys, some of which belonged to Dali or García Lorca. It is organized by theme rooms: board games, wooden cars...
  • San Pedro Church: This beautiful Gothic church will surprise you with its simplicity and monumentality. It is attached to the Dalí Theatre-Museum, so it is worth spending a few minutes of your time. You will not regret, seriously!
  • Festival Acústica: This festival of five days' duration has been held since 2002, in which more than 20,000 spectators have enjoyed across 3 different scenarios with renowned artists from different styles.

Despite for many people Figueres is synonymous with Dalí, a visit to this city is much more than watch closely the work of the surrealist genius. We recommend you let impregnate his work, yes, but do not close the door to all the secrets that await you around the city. Discovering slowly and let yourself be surprised unhurried be your best option as you'll see.

Photo credit: rucamher / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND