5 Restaurants to go out to dinner in Barcelona

5 Restaurants to go out to dinner in Barcelona

  Do you want to know the best restaurants to dinner in Barcelona but for backpacker pockets? We are going to make you a top 5 of the sites that you can not miss in Barcelona and that will make you lick your fingers. Luckily, even in big cities, like this one, there are still tapas places, bars and restaurants with delicious products at very cheap prices. At the end of the day, sightseeing all day will make anyone hungry, and before the warriors rest comes, it is necessary to restore energy as it is deserved. Find where to dine in Barcelona at a good price.

5 Restaurants for dinner in Barcelona at the best price

Take out a pen and paper, or your cell phone if you find it more comfortable, and aim for these restaurants for dinner in Barcelona on your essentials list. You can not miss them!

La Esquinica

It is a bar that has very good reviews, and are more than deserved. It's a tapas bar, they serve moderately generous portions and the product is very good. Their specialty is croquettes and patatas bravas, it is almost an obligation to try them. La esquinica - Passeig Fabra i Puig, 296

Bellavista Restaurant

It is located in the parc of l'Oreneta and its name is given by the incredible views of this terrace. The city is at your feet and you have a perspective from the heights of Barna. They have tapas, salads and hamburgers, but their specialty, and what really makes this place famous, are their roast chickens and chickens à l'Ast. You can not leave without having tried them. Rich and very economic dinner, enjoying the best views of the city surrounded by greenery. Rostisseria Restaurante Bellavista - Parc del Castell de l'Oreneta

Tasca i Vins

Located in the center of the city, it is a great meeting point for tapas and toast. Your portions are generous and the value for money will surprise you. Tasca i vins - Carrer de la Diputació, 304

La pizza del Born

In this list we could not miss the fast food, we all want a pizza from time to time for dinner, and this is our proposal. In this place they usually make offers of several portions of pizza with a drink, that are great. Also, you can have empanada dinners and have several homemade desserts on your menu. You will be delighted. La Pizza del Born - Passeig del Born, 22

Pim Pam Burguer

To continue with fast food dinners, we invite you to visit this restaurant. It is highly recommended because of the quality of its meat, the variety of its burgers, whose price varies depending on which one you order, and its fried chips. If there is a fan of hot dogs, here are several options on the menu and all at a price more than economic. Pim Pam Burger - Carrer de Sabateret, 4 Now you are ready to go out to dinner in Barcelona, ​​either alone, as a couple or with friends, and guess right! Part of a good preparation for a trip, plus if you go economically a little tighter, is to choose very well previously where to go and what kind of food to find. Start your gastronomic adventure in the night of Barcelona