5 Reasons to Visit Park Güell

5 Reasons to Visit Park Güell

Park Güell is, without a doubt, one of the key landmarks in Barcelona. A huge outdoor space full of modernist architectural elements, created by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí.

The park owes its name to Eusebi Güell, a rich businessman who was passionate about Gaudí's works and commissioned him to design the park.

Although the original idea was to construct a luxury residential complex, this was abandoned over the years, and a fairy-tale park was built in its place.

No visit to Barcelona is complete without a stroll through Park Güell, discovering all there is to see there.

Gaudí, Gaudí, and more Gaudí

Although the Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, and Casa Batlló are regarded as his most eminent works, Park Güell is not far behind. Gaudí's modernist style is displayed in both the park's design and its sculptures, which are the main attraction for visitors to Park Güell.

Don't miss out on this special place; the way that nature and architecture coexist in perfect harmony will blow your mind!

We recommend seeing some of Gaudí's most famous works in the park, such as the pavilions, the stairway and the dragon, the Gaudí House Museum, the square with the serpentine bench, the Algarrobo Viaduct, and the Monumento al Calvario.

Pro tip: You need to spend at least a couple of hours in Park Güell to truly discover all of Gaudí’s architectural elements.

The View from Park Güell

Yes, it's true that Park Güell is a little outside the centre — and more touristy area — of Barcelona. However, that also gives it an important advantage: the view.

The park is situated in the neighbourhood of Carmel, where you can find incredible views of Barcelona's rooftops. A panoramic view, different to what you’ll find at any of the city's more typical viewpoints, which allows you to enjoy the Catalan capital from an aerial perspective.

The Music

Many musicians gather at Park Güell during the day, so you can find a different melody around each corner. Let yourself get swept along by the siren calls, taking you from place to place around the park. 

The Relative Tranquillity

Park Güell has a large influx of tourists, sure, but there's no need to get overwhelmed; most of them stay close to the entrance or hang around near the serpentine benches.

So, we encourage you to delve a little deeper into the park and find places where you can't hear a sound, where you can sit and enjoy some peace and quiet in an extraordinary setting.

World Heritage

Park Güell, one of Barcelona's main attractions, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984.

If the experts at the United Nations have classified the park as a site with great cultural relevance and exceptional character for the common heritage of humanity, how can you possibly resist spending a morning there discovering all its secrets and marvelling at its charm?

However, not everything can be seen at the park; Barcelona has many more unmissable tourist attractions, also created by the famous architect.

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