Port Aventura, a vertigo short trip

Port Aventura, a vertigo short trip

If you want intense emotions near Barcelona, Port Aventura is your amusement. Since the strongest experiences to the most relaxing attractions, a day at this park will be amazing from the first minute to the last. Otherwise you are unsure, read on! You'll see how you get convinced. Port Aventura consists of one (Port Aventura Park) theme park, water park (Costa Caribe Aquatic Park) and a golf course (Mediterranean Beach & Golf);days without a single dull moment.

And that, not counting the four themed hotels that are part of the complex! The theme park is made up of different zones, each set in a place in the world: China, the Far West, Polynesia, the Mediterranean and Mexico. Each has its own actions, based on the area where they are: the Fire Temple, Betty Boop Country...

Here we will explain you which are the most impressive attractions around the park, some of which boast several European records:

  • Dragon Khan. His 8 loops have been emblem of the park since it opened. Cross them over 100 km/hour is an adventure...
  • Shambhala: Himalaya Expedition. It is a roller coaster, hypercoaster type, one of the highest in Europe and also one of the fastest of its kind (exceeds 130 km/hour).
  • Hurakan Condor. 100 meters free fall tours in less than 3 seconds. There is only one word to describe it: amazing!
  • Stampida. Roller coaster in which two trains struggling to come first to the finish, crossing and ahead at full speed.
  • Furious Baco. Moving from 0-100 km/h in under 4 seconds? Yes, it is possible! Feel the acceleration as you've never done.
  • Tutuki Splash. It is a water ride where several boats cross the jungle to end up falling from a volcano: There is a drop of 5 meters and another of 15.

But the records are not left alone here: the water park also has some attractions. For example, the King Khajuna, slide highest freefall in Europe: 31 meters to go over a speed of 6 meters per second... Will you be able to? To get to Port Aventura you can do it by train, as the park has a stop on the R16 line of Renfe. You can also get to the AVE, dropping off at Camp de Tarragona, and from there by a transfer or bus.

There are also buses from La Pineda, Cabrils or Salou that will take you to the park, and even from more distant locations. The communications network of Port Aventura is very good. We recommend that you try to buy your tickets in advance, as the queues at the ticket office are usually long, especially on weekends and in the months of summer. Courage and enjoy! 

Photo credit: Simon & Vicki / Foter / CC BY-NC