Places in Barcelona that do not seem Barcelona

Places in Barcelona that do not seem Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the first cities that tourists choose as a destination for their holidays. It is not surprising! It is a modern, cosmopolitan and open city... A place to discover! But not everything in Barcelona is reduced to the Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, the Park Güell... you can go beyond the classic postcard images shown in any souvenir shop in the city. We will share with you a journey through places that do not seem Barcelona, ​​but they are too!

Places of Barcelona that do not resemble Barcelona

We start the adventure with Marsans House, a building of Marrakech. The Marsans family built in the early twentieth century a residence like if we where in the novel The Thousand and One Nights. Its outdoor gardens mix modernist touches with Arabic designs. And what about its inner courtyard... it is embraced by neo-Arabic arches design, where the columns and white marble floor give light to the glass ceiling. You see this colorful and sensual farm is also part of the wealth of Barcelona.

A place you will like to move from Barcelona, ​​it is Florence: you can do it thanks to the Church of Santa Maria Reina, located in Pedralbes! You will not find any place in the city that makes you feel so close to Renaissance, like you're in another country, far from Barcelona, ​​a place of dreams, yes. It is such an exceptional space that is declared as a Cultural Asset of Local Interest in the Architectural Heritage of Barcelona catalog.

If you want to get away from the stress and noise of the city, because you prefer the countryside, breathe near nature, visit the small neighborhood of La Clota, in the district of Horta-Guinardó. It is a place that retains its rural flavor due to its partial isolation. You will see orchards, cane fields, rabbits, chickens ... centenarian low houses and farms under the umbrella of an unusual tower that awaits. It is easy to go to a town to disconnect without taking the car!  

Barcelona is a historical city with some hidden places that remind us hard episodes of the Civil War. If you choose significant places that are not as modern as other more emblematic of the city, visit the air-raid shelters. They are underground and to visit them is a privilege that few can live. Feel the cold and silence of those spaces that saved many lives.

Discover these new corners of the city and its secrets, you will be amazed!

Photo credit: amantedar