Mexican food in Barcelona: What restaurants should you visit?

Mexican food in Barcelona: What restaurants should you visit?

Mexican food places have long been a feature in Barcelona. Nachos and the guacamole opened the door to more typical and traditional dishes such as esquites, aguachiles, moles, chiles en nogada, white pozole, huarache, chicken with pipian sauce, cochinita pibil or Yucatecan tamales, to mention just a few examples of Tex-Mex cuisine.

Mexican cuisine holds pride of place as one of the richest and most varied in the world, due to the variety of flavors and preparations. There are lots of places to eat in Barcelona: from Mexican restaurants offering signature cuisine with a touch of tradition, to taco bars and other establishments offering quality fast-food.

Given this variety, we want to help you find the most authentic locations: we have a great selection of the best Mexican food establishments in our city.

La Taquería

La Taquería, located in Passatge de la Font, 5, boasts authentic Mexican street food. The tacos are spectacular, ideal to go with a good michelada. Among the taco proposals there’s the ever-popular flank steak, and many other options such as steak tacos, tongue, sausage, chicken, nopal cactus, and tacos al pastor or gringa-style.

If you feel up to it, try out their special cucarito, with surprise ingredients. On weekends they prepare traditional recipes such as aguachiles or chicken with mole. Great tequila and Chavela Vargas songs give this locale a great touch of authenticity!

Tlaxcal Cantina

On 27 Calle del Comerç, Tlxacal Cantina is a gastronomic taqueria, as defined by its owners.

A genuine restaurant which seeks to honour traditional Mexican cuisine with a dynamic format, where you can eat quality Mexican dishes at a very affordable price. In addition to an interesting taco menu - the fish ones are very good - they serve more unusual dishes which we recommend: tortilla soup, chilaquiles or enchiladas.

Don’t forget to leave room for the scrumptious homemade desserts. Their lunch menu is very economical and well worth it.

Taco Alto

This chain has 4 locales in Barcelona, located in Universitat, El Born, El Raval and in Barceloneta. In any of these locations you can eat tacos by unit, and try as many varieties as your stomach has room for.

Each piece comes with an abundant filling accompanied with incredible fresh tortillas to delight your palate.

Among the specialties of the house are the taco de cochinita pibil and the Pirata, as well as grilled veal with melted cheese, with an intense, rich flavor which feels like it could go on forever.

Cantina Machito

If any place in Barcelona can boast of offering real Mexican cuisine since the 1990s, it’s Cantina Machito.

Located on the calle de Torrijos, 47B, this eatery is characterized by an informal and colorful atmosphere, where you can sit down to exquisite preparations of many different kinds of Mexican classics, and an extensive menu to suit all tastes.

The best thing on the menu? Without a doubt, you have to try the cochinita pibill, the chicken with mole poblano and the green enchilada -- fabulous dishes that you must try if you visit Machito Cantina.


Located on Pla de Palau, 19, stands Oaxaca, a bastion of Mexican food in Barcelona. Traditional Mexican dishes refined with cutting-edge techniques make their dishes something truly special.

Among their star dishes, we should highlight the octopus and the chicken with mole. They also have their own vegetable garden where they grow the Mexican herbs and vegetables that they use in their cuisine.

A total luxury. In addition to the restaurant, Oaxaca has its own mezcalería with more than 200 types of mezcal brands to choose from.

Clearly, Barcelona boasts an ample choice of restaurants to visit. These are a just small sample of what’s on offer. So if you find yourself in the Pere Tarrés hostel in Barcelona, you can visit the ones we suggest, or discover others for yourself.