Pastry shops in Barcelona, a sweet recommendation

Pastry shops in Barcelona, a sweet recommendation

Cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolate... sweet lovers have many options in Barcelona. For this reason, today we recommend 5 bakeries in Barcelona where they still work handmade, as before, with grandmother's recipes to create unique products that you will not forget. There are options for all tastes, but today we just talk about pastry shops with a strong artisan tradition. Beyond Christmas and Easter, with the famous Monas de Pascua, Barcelona is a sweet city with tradition where the best bakeries face, day after day, true fans waves moving up their doors to enjoy the small works of art produced by their hands. Let's see who they are!  

5 pastry shops in Barcelona you can not miss

Although the list could be much longer, today we want to collect five bakeries in Barcelona that stand out above the rest for its charm and its traditional artisan character. Here the past meets the present to lead to unique products, incredible flavor and texture 

  • La Xocolateria. Oriol Balaguer has several stores all over Barcelona and no one leaves you indifferent. Authentic delicacies as to cakes, chocolates and other small jewel as the famous chocolate Easter cake. Essential!
  • Hofmann. A small shop hidden in the streets of Borne to try artworks that are enjoyed bite by bite. Croissants, pastries, cakes and endless pleasures. If you like sweet, you'll like Hofmman; Find out in Flassaders, 44.
  • CaelumHave you ever heard of the cakes of the nuns? Here you can try and find that they come direct from the seventh heaven. Cookies, candies, jams and lots of handmade products made with divine grace. You find it at La Palla 8.
  • Turris. Passion is the word that best describes the work carried out in this bakery. Its coca de llardons transport you to another world and their masses with orange and chocolate will leave you delighted. Discover its magic on Aribau, 158.
  • Baixas. Another of famous bakeries in the city: here you will find traditional recipes and a spectacular pastries and some Easter cakes that you can not miss. They are in Muntaner, 331.

Like we said, we could have added many more magical pastry shops. Anyway, if you want to know the taste of tradition, these are not to be missed. Enjoy!

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