Outdoor cinema in barcelona

Outdoor cinema in barcelona

These next few months many areas of the city are enabled so you can enjoy the best outdoor cinema in Barcelona, ​​which is the star summer activity in the city. The places where these proposals are organized provide answers to all audiences: can go alone, with family, with friends... It can be near the sea, located in a cultural center, at the foot of a castle... the offer is varied to enjoy chilly nights! We will tell you where you can live a film session in emblematic places of Barcelona, ​​are you going to miss it?

Outdoor cinema in Barcelona

The Cinema Lliure on the beach of Sant Sebastia offers original version films in a paradise space: the sea. Who said you have to watch movies on a hard chair and in a dark room? Summer is to live it intensely!

In the Pati de les Dones (Patio of Women) in the CCCB (Centre of Contemporary Art in Barcelona) you can watch movies preceded by the short movies awarded by the same CCCB. Check its programming and fall in love with any of its films in a charming place in the heart of El Raval.

In the Gardens of the Forum of Santa Eulalia in Montjuïc Castle you can enjoy films in original version with subtitles and live music before the screening. Have fun with the activities organized every day. If nature is your friend, you will love being surrounded by walls and green.  

In the Jardins de Sant Joan de Deu, in the back of l'Illa Diagonal you can watch movies sitting in one of its colorful chairs. In the afternoon you can take a walk through the mall, have a drink and end the day watching one of the movies that are in the cinemas now. Because being surrounded by buildings has its charm!

In the CosmoCaixa you can watch films related to the world of science. In Spanish, Catalan or original version if they are recorded in other languages. If you like science fiction movies you must go! Admission includes a visit to the CosmoCaixa, a concert and a movie outdoors. Come on!

There are also other places that are transformed into outdoor cinemas: Mecal Air short film show organized from June to October in Poble Espanyol and then in the Moritz Factory and Cinema a la Fresca in the Centre Civic Cocheras, in Sants neighborhood is also another option, ideal for young people or families.  

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