Music recommendations in Barcelona: Sound Experiments

Music recommendations in Barcelona: Sound Experiments

Sound experiments, nostalgia and put into futuristic scene: The best concerts in Barcelona in the first half of April

Spring is here, and Barcelona not only the trees bloom. Here we leave our musical recommendations for the first half of April:


We start with a different proposal, quality and surprisingly free. Pascal Comelade, Pierre Bastien, Carles Santos and Joan Saura each composed a piece for soloist and mechanical orchestra, performed on stage also with CaboSanRoque that then became the first LP of the band: The run-run of nyigo- nygo (2001). The collaborations enrich the fantasy world of mechanical orchestra that accompanied the duo of Roger Aixut and Laia Torrents.

With Pascal Comelade, a touch of mechanical, Pierre Bastien adds a touch of elegance and fun game without limits with a small machine that moves mechano great machine of CaboSanRoque; and Joan Saura (died in 2012) leads to more mysterious climates and makes breathing this strange machine that turns suddenly into almost human (this was the last composition of Saura before dying, this time CaboSanRoque plays with mechanical orchestra and replace sambler by other instruments). You can see them in the Arts Santa Monica for Free, reserving space through a mail: 02/04. Arts Santa monica. La Rambla 7, Barcelona. 20: 00h. Free. 


The first weekend of April is territory for the more nostalgic. In Apollo lands one of the flagship groups of the eighties new wave. The French Indochine formed in the early '80s, have published more than 12 albums and over 10 million albums sold, the band led by Nikola Sirkis will be in Barcelona in this intimate tour to defend his latest album, Black City Parade (2013). During the 90s, the media lost interest in this group, but Indochine revived their success in the first decade of the century, especially following the publication of Paradize (2002) and its single J'ay demande à la Lune . 04/04. Sala Apolo, 113 Nou de la Rambla, Barcelona. 21: 00h. € 25.


After a few empty days of music you have no excuse for not having charged the batteries and sign up for the finale we propose. From Glasgow, The Twilight Sad arrive to play in BeCool. This band, which boasts a sound that has grown in each of its records and that has a large base: indie, rock, post punk, industrial, electronics... In the midst of its great mix of influences was born its fourth album, Nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave (2014), an album with this broad sound base. 13/04. BeCool, Plaça Joan Llongueras 5, Barcelona. 21: 30h. 14 € (including a drink)


The Guitar 2015 BCN keeps surprising, now giving us the opportunity to enjoy the live American sound Jayhawks. The trilogy consisting of Sounds of lies (1997), Smile (2000) and Rainy day music (2003) is the period of greatest inspiration from the recent history of this group from Minneapolis, exponents of the warmer side and light of Country-Rock. Wonderful and unforgettable melodies and harmonies of tarantinesco pop, always respectful of the American roots of the group but also with an eye toward a step further. To celebrate the reissue of this triad of timeless classics discs: Gary Louris, Marc Perlman, Tim O'Regan, Karen Grotberg and Kraig Johnson, the line-up of 1997 have been launched to provide these tours that seem to become memorable. 14/04. BARTS. Parallel 62, Barcelona. 21: 00h. € 22. 


We hope you still have energy, because we end the recommendations of the first half of April with Javiera Mena concert offered in the Music Hall. With a style that what was called new Chilean wave, Mena is a real diva. In her shows she wears outfits of pop stars and she plays the collection of infectious synth-pop hits that have been published since her debut with Esquemas juveniles (2006) and, above all, Mena (2010). After visiting the BAM 2014 when she had not yet released her third album, Otra ERa (2014), finally brings the city its #OtraEraTour to present the album. A futuristic scene full of lasers, strobes and more hit tracks than ever. 15/04. Music Hall. Rambla de Catalunya 2, Barcelona. 20: 30h. € 15.

Photo credit: laurent.breillat / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND