Interview with Ludmila and Lucas, Mochilas en viaje Bloggers

Interview with Ludmila and Lucas, Mochilas en viaje Bloggers

Mochilas en Viaje is Ludmila Greco and Lucas Fernandez traveler blog, two young Argentines who decided to hang the backpack and go travel the world.

How did the idea of creating “Mochilas en viaje” came up?

Writing was part of our daily lives. When the idea of ​​making a long trip to Asia came up automatically we thought about reflecting it in somewhere. The difference is that now we publish online. The blog became our notebook, and hope to remain so.

Do you think  traveling is your way of life? More than our way of life, is that we do not imagine us doing anything elase. Traveling is now part of us. Everything we do and think is in order to keep traveling. Your next trip is... We have several options. It depends on the money and the international political situation. A more viable option is to make a trip around Argentina, slowly and quietly. Visiting these villages that not appear on maps. Another option is to go to Middle East. But depends on the political context. A topic: What is your funniest story? We could not classify it as fun but as sympathetic. In India, monkeys and cows are loose in the streets, and the monkeys are not at all shy. In Vrindavan monkeys were obsessed with sunglasses of any type and color, and several times we had to leave running for us not to be stolen.

Which is the worst place where you slept? I think there are several. But we remember one at Sonamarg (India) in particular. We arrived and we found luxury hotels away from our budget. All we got was a dirty, smelly room in a restaurant route. The room cost us very little money but ended up being a utility room of the restaurant with no sink or water. Which trip would you recommend to intrepid travelers? Anything that has to do with the Himalaya. We loved people, customs and landscapes. We were in both Indian and Nepalese side. The possibility of trekking through the area and get lost in mountain villages is priceless.

So far you have not visited Barcelona, ​​but is there any particular place you would not like to miss? Whenever we hear about Las Ramblas of Barcelona, ​​with its flower stalls and street artists. But we also know that places like these are prepared for tourism. So we would like to get into the neighborhoods where people live. Find the beauty of everyday life in the city. We also like a lot the architecture of Gaudí. Which image do you have of Barcelona? We feel for all that we hear that we will love Barcelona. It is a city that we know we will like. For its culture, its people and the amount of art is in the street. Barcelona sounds like a culture of all kinds and that's something we love.

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