Mad About travel, a window to the world

Mad About travel, a window to the world

Mad About Travel is the blog of Patricia Cuni, a curious journalist who decided to share with everyone her experiences as a way to channel her creativity. Today, her small personal project has the backing of more than 10,000 followers among the major social networks. Explore amazing corners with Mad About Travel!

Interview with Patricia Cuní, Blogger of Mad About Travel

How did the idea of creating Mad About Travel come from?

I created the blog Mad About Travel in a time of professional crisis. My work seemed boring and tedious and, somehow, I needed to feel again creative, write and share my experiences. Instead of returning to pure journalism, I decided to open a travel blog that was like a window to the world where I could share all I had to tell. It was and still is my little personal project and makes me terribly happy to explain my travels. In a way, it's like reliving the adventure again and again. You are a great advocate of traveling alone as a way to meet new places and know yourself.

Would you recommend our travelers who have never traveled alone to do so, at least once in life? 

Totally. I am not always traveling alone, although I do often and I like very much to enjoy the ride at my own pace, without having to stick to what other people want. In a way, although it sounds like a cliché, when traveling alone is when you know better yourself because you're the force that moves the experience, it is you who decides what to do, when and how... But traveling alone does not mean feeling alone. When you travel on your own I think it's easier to be receptive to talking to other people and find partners for specific adventure moments. Many people believe that traveling solo is for independent people. But although it is true that it is easier for them, once you get out of your comfort zone and start moving it is easy to get used to the sensations of traveling.

Could we say that traveling is your way of life or, conversely, a way to show off your experiences to your followers? 

I do not believe, at least not in my case, my way of life. I scape, I'm going on vacation and I travel as often as I can, I go out on weekends to go hiking or know little villages near Edinburgh... But it's an experience more than a way of life. I like to have a job and timetables, but also combined with the excitement of knowing that in two weeks I'll go, or that I have a weekend excursion. Traveling is part of my life, but I like that trips have a beginning and an end.

Your passion for Scotland was the seed from which sprang Mad About Travel. What have the Scottish Highlands?

I studied eight months at the University of Stirling and I loved the green of Scotland, its castles and the sympathy of the Scots. And I think I'm not the only one. It gives me that perfect combination of history and nature, washed down with whiskey, it is what seduces everyone who visits Scotland.

In your trips around the world, which destinations do you remember and which ones do you recommend to our travelers? 

If I had to pick a few, I would say New Zealand, Japan and Mexico. I was at the end of 2015 in New Zealand and fell in love ... Before I knew I was going to like it precisely because its nature is incredibly wild and spectacular, because the Kiwis are very friendly and it is the real Middle Earth. Japan was not on my priority list but when I went in 2013 I was fascinated by its impressive mix of hyper and tradition, plus the friendliness of the people and the colors of the temples. And Mexico is simply a perfect place. Cheerful, colorful, tasty ... Mexico has all the ingredients to steal the heart of any traveler.

You are from Barcelona. What do you like the most about the city?

I like the relaxed air of Barcelona, ​​the smell of the sea breeze, the terraces, the view from the Park Guell and from Tibidabo. I like the food culture and the ideal climate that allows you to be outdoors most of the year.

You know the city from top to bottom, imagine you're writing a post about your favorite spots in Barcelona. What places are essential to you?

Sometime this post will come, for sure. Now that I live abroad, I miss so much walking around Barcelona and I am amazed every time I look up. The Catalan capital has the largest concentration of modernist buildings in Europe and is a pleasure to stroll through its streets and discover nice details. I also miss the medieval charm of the Gothic Quarter and the unique relationship that the locals have with the sea in its coast.

You know well the Hostel Pere Tarrés, What do you think about the hostel and its social work?

Stay in a hostel (and when you're young) is one of the best experiences that any traveler should live. And the Pere Tarrés is great and has an enviable location. Moreover, the Pere Tarrés Foundation (which manages the hostel) has over 5 decades promoting education in leisure time, volunteering, improved social intervention and strengthening of associations. Through workshops, leisure, and social activities, scholarships and many more activities they have improved the lives of many children and young people  

Finally, what advice would you give our fans to enjoy traveling?

To be caught unawares by fate and always with an open mind. Having the ability to discover the beauty and magic of each place (even those you think they do not have it) is a wonderful thing.

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