MACBA: Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona

MACBA: Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona ( MACBA ) is undoubtedly the most important museum in the city. The MACBA opened in 1995 and consolidated the city of Barcelona as the capital and the international reference of contemporary art. The structure of the museum, located in the heart of the Raval district, was designed by the american architect Richard Meier.

If you are an art and beauty lover you will enjoy Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city, cradle of Gothic, Renaissance and Modernist curture, and you will love visiting the MACBA: Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. It's an experience you can not miss!

The museum has more than 5,000 works of the most prominent contemporary artists such as Antoni Tàpies, Mario Merz, Francesc Torres, Paul Klee and Allan Sekula. Contemporary art, also called modern art originated in the early twentieth century, during the social crisis caused by the First World War with the emergence of the avant-garde, was a major revelation in the intellectual sphere. However, the contemporary art boom did not reach its culminating until the second half of that century. Also, all the works showed at the MACBA belong to the latter part of the contemporary.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona will let you think about the messages of each work and interact with them. In addition to a permanent exhibition, located on the first floor of the building, the MACBA offers the public the opportunity to visit other temporary collections. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art is always a unique, fun and full of charm experience.

The MACBA, more than being just a Museum, is a space for interaction, participation and reflection, where artists and citizens can exchange points of view, talk about the works, interpret and generate interesting discussions about art and culture. It is a public performance space where everyone finds their place and feels part of something. We encourage you to discover the secrets of this amazing museum and become part of its history, your history. Visit the MACBA and enjoy contemporary art !

Photo credit: Raban Haaijk / / CC BY-NC-ND