Interview with José Carlos, La Próxima parada blogger

Interview with José Carlos, La Próxima parada blogger

La Próxima parada (The next stop) is José Carlos Dominguez traveler blog, which reaches 6 years since its inception in 2009. He always travels with his inseparable partner Carmen Laura, and together, they give us the keys to enjoy their adventures and create our own. These young entrepreneurs just launched its online shop with fun bags and shirts made in La Próxima parada. Discover more about them in this interesting interview!



The blog comes after my first big trip to the United States. After two weeks touring the west coast, I came back with hundreds of pictures and videos. With all this material I thought I could do something great, like many travel blogs helped me, it was time to start my own. And you know, when you start to taste what is traveling free, to prepare all the smallest details, then you've fallen into the traveling passion.

You manage the blog but, do you travel alone?

La próxima parada is 100% based on personal experiences, I have repeatedly received offers to write posts of others, but it's like my little kid which I feed with my experiences, so I always say no. Although in some trips I travel with friends, my partner Carmen Laura is with me on each of my adventures in the world. Nothing is more pleasant than finding a soul mate with whom you can enjoy travel, I feel lucky about it and I can not think about a better partner  

A topic, what is the funniest story you've had in your trips?

The truth is that every time I think of funny stories, always comes to my mind when we went to India. Of all the memorable moments of this trip, I remember when I found my neighbor in the town Khajuraho, the famous city of Kamasutra temples. I currently live in a town of about 70,000 inhabitants so it was very funny. The world is not as big as we are told! It is very curious your idea of having challenges to keep alive the traveling essence.

Which is you greatest dream? Why?

I'm really passionate about the lists and goals. I always like to let my imagination and think what would I like to do, what would I like to learn or achieve. I think it's vital to have a challenge ahead so that our life does not become monotonous. In fact I think that it is what most travelers appreciate when traveling, get out of the routine, open your mind and reach new dream destinations. As for all the challenges that I have, I think the one I want to accomplish is to ride the Trans-Siberian, I love trains and I think it should be a fascinating trip through several countries and cultures.

In your trips around the world, what destinations have marked you and which ones do you recommend to our travelers?

Right now my heart is divided between Japan and the United States. I firmly believe that traveling abroad, those are the 2 countries that have left a mark. A tour of the West Coast of the United States is something that everyone should try. Freedom to travel several thousand miles in a car and enjoy landscapes like San Francisco Bay, the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas leaves everyone speechless. But Japan is also a country that has marked us, its people, its food and its landscapes are spectacular. In fact we usually try to continue visiting new countries, but we are looking forward to returning to the States and Japan.

What do you like the most about Barcelona?

Although I'm from Madrid, I have many years living on the coast of Málaga and my link with the sea is already inseparable. That is why the times I've been to Barcelona I do not miss the opportunity to stroll along the Rambla del Mar, I love the whole area of La Barceloneta. I think it's one of the fastest growing areas in Barcelona in recent years.

In a sentence, how would you define Barcelona?

A multicultural city that looks to the future, but with the perpetual trace of the genius Gaudí.  

When planning a trip, what is essential in your luggage?

The main thing is the camera, I do not imagine a trip without it, for sure. For those who like photography we almost got to develop a pathology to show what we live in every moment and to continue learning and improving our work. Then, another indispensable in my luggage is a notebook, although I am a traveler 2.0 always aware of social networks, there are things that never go out of style and a good notebook to record things is important. Finally, leaving aside the obvious things that we usually need, I think a waterproof raincoat is always useful, especially in many countries where the weather is really variable.  

Finally, what advice would you give to our fans to enjoy traveling? Would you recommend to create a blog to share their experiences?

The main thing when traveling is to leave prejudice at home, it is inevitable to hear false myths or dogmas on certain countries, people or cultures. But my experience over the years traveling has made me see that no matter what people say about a place, you must create your own opinion. An example is India, a country that normally moves between love or hate. You have to be there to really know how they live. Create a blog, like so many things, must be vocational, think of the number of hours you will be writing your posts, you must love it! I've been already six years writing my experience on La próxima parada with the same enthusiasm and even more than the first day.  La próxima parada has given me the opportunity to meet fascinating people, make friends and share with them the passion to travel, so I definitely recommend having a blog.

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