Interview with Silvia, La Trotamundos Blogger

Interview with Silvia, La Trotamundos Blogger

Silvia Lucero is a Mexican journalist who has created his own traveller blog, La Trotamundos, along with Patrick MREYEN, photographer and her husband. Such is his passion for traveling that has created a company that is in charge of helping cities with growth potential to develop internationally. Discover more about Silvia and Patrick in this interesting interview! How did the idea of creating “La Trotamundos” come from? Because of my two passions: travel and write. I have been fortunate to travel extensively and live in different cities. In 2009 my husband and I quit our jobs in New York and moved 6 months to Buenos Aires and from there we had the opportunity to travel around South America. There, it started  the idea of creating a travel blog. But it was not until I moved to Spain in 2010, that I started working on this project for La Trotamundos and every day I fell in love more with it. I needed to share all the experiences I was living around the world. Then I began to help readers with travel recommendations, especially for New York. Do you consider traveling is a way of life? Yes, but you have to be passionate because it also involves many sacrifices. You have to find ways to generate income while having time to keep traveling. Your next trip is... Motorhome travel in several states of central and northern United States. A topic: What is your funniest story? Follow geishas and maiko in the Gion district. I wanted to see them up close but they walk super fast, very discreet, no smile and turn around to look at you in the eyes. At first I told my husband to be respectful and wisely take photos. When I saw the first, I forgot all my warnings and ran after her to photograph her. As the night progressed we saw more out of apartment buildings and teahouses, and at that point I had forgotten the shame and respect, I almost went up with them into the taxi to take pretty pictures.

 Which are your favorite places and which ones would you recommend to intrepid travelers?

Florence is the city that I love, after finishing college I lived there for three months to study a Italian course. Knowing well this wonderful city, its people, its culture, inspired me to keep traveling and making decisions at that time changed the course of my life. I also love Bolivia because it is a country full of contrasts, I really suffered with height and transport especially Uyuni to La Paz and at the junction of Bolivia to Peru. It has been one of the heaviest travel I've done, but as you see the beauty of its landscapes, any difficulty stays behind, simply as part of the adventure. I definitely recommend to travel to that beautiful country.

 In your blog we saw you visited Barcelona. What did you think?

I love Barcelona, ​​I think it's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Initially our idea was to live there, but eventually ended up in Málaga. It is a very chic bohemian city, and with sea also, what else could you ask for?

What place in Barcelona is your favorite?

El Born, you can be lost hours in the streets, visit their boutiques, bars, and restaurants or visit the imposing church of Santa Maria del Mar, Montcada Street and much more...

 How would you define Barcelona in a sentence?

A magical city.

What do you value most when making a recommendation?

I try to include tips for visiting more local places, especially for recommendations to eat and drink. What is essential in your suitcase? A good book and a good mobile where you have your music, camera, apps to help travelers, etc. Comfortable walking shoes to walk as much as you can because it is the best way to discover a city. Follow her trips at: