Interview with Mochileando por el mundo bloggers

Interview with Mochileando por el mundo bloggers

Mochileando por el mundo is the traveler blog where Lety and Rober explain his adventures and misadventures. Rober, from Siguenza, is passionate about cooking (he loves chorizo ), sports and travel. Lety, native of Friuli (Italy), is a painting, writing and photography lover. Together, they have managed to make their hobby a way of life. Not only that, besides having traveled all around Asia and Europe they have lived for 4 years in Barcelona. How did the idea of creating Mochileando por el mundo come from?

It started for our family and friends to follow our 1st big trip: in Asia for 9 months. As a pregnancy without nausea :-P And of course, write here, write over there we were hooked and we are now blog-dependent!

On a personal level, you meet in Padova but, what took you to be inseparable?

(Violin music) As Dante said was “l’amor che move il sole e le altre stelle” because when Cupid catches you, catches you! It was meeting and in a few days we where sharing a room in a university residence, a few months later we where sharing a new life in Barcelona and a few years later we where sharing a traveling life! 

Do you think traveling is your way of life? We are trying to make it so, is not easy, but it is our belief that nothing is impossible if you really want to get it. Tourism is what makes us happy... why not trying? We also think you don't have to be rich to live traveling, it only takes a little creativity. A topic: Which is your funniest story?

The truth is that we are a magnet for disasters (funny, eh!) So we have many, but one of the best has been to share a bathroom with an army of frogs and a snake. Now we are  frog-snake-busters  experts!

What would you recommend to intrepid travelers?

We are in love with Asia. We love the people, the food, the places... Myanmar was a very nice trip, although the criticism from other travelers who have visited recently, is changing very rapidly and losing its authenticity. India, where we spent 3 months, is very funny and we love it madness! It is a stunning country, full of history, beautiful places, hospitable people and good food (really spicy, yes!).

You have lived in Barcelona for four years so, which place in Barcelona is your favorite?

El Raval. And when you go for a walk in this neighborhood you know that fun is guaranteed... getting bored is mission impossible!     

How would you define Barcelona in a sentence?

To define Barcelona in a sentence is to define a cosmopolitan, fun, vintage and modern city, sun, sea and mountains, history, present and future... It is really complicated! I know. Barcelona is like Mary Poppins bag: has it all.

What do you value the most when making a recommendation?

The person who is asking us. Each person will experience a different trip, so what for us has been the best of the best, for another might not be, so we always try to learn something about the person asking us advice. And we always try to be clear and transparent!

What is indispensable in your bag for long trips?

In the backpack you mean ;-) We try to be as light as possible, because we are getting old, but we never forget a camera, travel book, kindle or mp3.

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