Interview with Los apuntes del viajero bloggers

Interview with Los apuntes del viajero bloggers

Los apuntes del viajero is the travel blog of Pruden and Lupe, two experts in low-low-cost trips that decided that they have money to spend it... traveling. How did the idea of creating “Los apuntes del viajero” come from? About 6 years ago when we started traveling, we had a little mess with our favorite travel sites. We created the blog to organize and have our useful websites and then we thought it might be of interest to more people, so we started to fill the blog with different content and publish practical information about our trips.

What is to be low-low-cost travelers?

Being a low-low-cost traveller meens sleeping in campsites, eating in supermarkets, move walking, searching for the cheapest flights, sharing bathroom in hostels... and a long set of small sacrifices in order to continue traveling with little money. A place that you have not traveled yet but you would like to. There is so much to see! We do not have a must destination, but perhaps Argentina or the deep United States would be two good choices.

Any funny anecdote?

After a month traveling in China when we were about to return home, Lupe, one day, forgot the name of a friend. Then she wanted to refer to her as so and so's girlfriend, but she did not remember his name neither. In fact, she had trouble saying my own name. By the time we got a big scare, but thankfully that strange episode only lasted half an hour and was never repeated. We laugh but we use it as an example of the stress we had in this trip

Being travelers low-low-cost, you will have slept in all kinds of places, what is the worst place you have slept?

We slept in all kinds of places, although none particularly horrific (noise, some dirt, shabby facilities, awful locations...). In a city of Thailand we slept in a hotel that turned out to be more like a brothel ... not the best place in the world, but we are not very demanding.

Blooded Barcelona, Barcelona What place is your favorite?

Sant Andreu del Palomar, definitely! Maybe it's because it's our neighborhood, but almost everything here is the best of a big city like Barcelona without sacrificing the true flavor of a town with its market, shops, street life, etc. How would you define Barcelona in a sentence? Barcelona is the city where Europe and the Mediterranean shake hands, combining the best of its different rhythms.

When you are traveling, what do you miss from Barcelona?

Schedules, food, sun, sea, our people, our neighborhood... Barcelona is a city where you are glad to be back. What is essential to pack for a long trip? At the end few things are essential. Maybe the passport. The rest is different according to the demands of each trip. The lighter the better. It is important to be free from prejudice and full of patience and willingness to learn.

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