Interview with la Vida de Viaje bloggers

Interview with la Vida de Viaje bloggers

La Vida de Viaje is the traveler blog about the adventures of Andrés and Jimena, a couple of Argentines and their bikes. How did the idea of creating “La Vida de Viaje” come from?

Everything started after our first trip to Northern Argentina as backpackers. While we were dating for several months, we decided to travel separately and at different times with friends. There was a before and after from that moment because when we came back in Buenos Aires after 15 days of traveling, we raised the same concerns and questions about what we wanted for our lives. We were both advertisers and being 8 hours or more in front of a computer, locked in an office, we did not like at all. We knew that life should be lived differently, at a slower pace, with deeper targets than having a salary. And so was born La Vida de Viaje, because we wanted to live life doing what we enjoy doing.

Why are you traveling by bike?

When we returned to Buenos Aires after that brief trip as backpackers, Andrew met his cousin, a fan of bicycles, which wanted to get out on two wheels to travel from Buenos Aires to Cordoba and Mendoza. Andrés really wanted to do a trip of this type but not Jimena, who was dying of fear. Nevertheless, we decided to face our fears and finally we found the bike was the best way to connect with the road and traveling at our own pace. You combine your trip with a photo documentary project.

What is it?

We wanted to share our experiences from the first moment we thought and planned the trip. So we decided to put together a blog ( to share stories and pictures of all that we were living in our first big trip of 6600 kilometers in Argentina. Shortly we include videos, tips and guide books. Another project that is emerging is to publish a book about our experiences during the adventure.

 A topic: Which is your funniest story?

The funniest undoubtedly was when we were rolling down the legendary Route 40 (the road linking the country from end to end) in the province of Santa Cruz. That day was fatal to us, we had risen a windstorm over 150km/h and the only place we could find was a very small shelter at the entrance to a house. The glasses were broken and there were woods that did not inspire us with confidence. We could not think of anything else than reading, and Jime then decided to take a travel book I was reading. She opened the bag, went back to the shelter and was about to enter when her head was struck with a wooden crossing the entrance. Luckily, she had the helmet on. But after a laugh, sitting with Andrew to eat some crackers with pate, suddenly she felt another strange noise in slow motion and she saw how another piece of wood was falling in her right shoulder. The impact was nothing to worry about but the two of them could not stop laughing.  

So far you have not visited Barcelona, ​​but is there any particular place you would not like to miss?

All! We know that Barcelona is an ideal place for cycling and we have noted in our extensive list of places I want to know yes or yes. The architecture, neighborhoods, beaches, art and street music calls us much attention and  Ciutat Vella seems an ideal place to get lost and found. Which image do you have of Barcelona?

A city like in a fairy tale, but bohemian and full of art. What is essential to bring in the trunk? Based on our experience the key is to have a quality tent, comfortable for a good sleep and a good knife. The kitchen is an important point: classic refill cartridges are often expensive and short-lived. Having a cooking fuel as the MSR makes you save much money. Other things you can not miss are the sunscreen and sunglasses to protect you from the sun and wind. You can find La Vida de Viaje in: