Interview with Conmochila blogers

Interview with Conmochila blogers

Conmochila is the project of Carme and Toni Ródenas Pellicer, a couple from Valencia who after travelling a lot decided to make life easier for travelers to Asia and Morocco through their suggestions based on their own experiences.

How did the idea of creating “Conmochila” come from?

It's funny because I barely remember it. It was the brainchild of Toni, who at that time (just six years ago) was more up to date on the subject. I began to know what a blog was and suddenly one day he suggested the idea. We found that sharing our experience would help other travellers, and if not at least we have a memory trip to Laos. Thus was born and started the following year. Before starting the third trip we thought we'd gather all in one web, and that's how conMochila was born as we know it.

Do you think traveling is your way of life?

Nowadays, yes. At least that makes us happier. Right now we are spending the summer in Valencia and although we are very well it is not the same. After eight months we are missing a little action, news and less routine. Honestly now can not imagine our life differently than dedicating it to travel.  

Which places would you recommend to intrepid travelers?

I recommend Madagascar because as I always say, for me has been the most authentic travel, Toni recommends India because he is in love with the country. I enjoyed the visit to the Fami Bongolava NGO in Madagascar. The children, the work of NGOs, the way Julian welcomed us... it was all very emotional.  

How would you define Barcelona in a sentence?

A city with a wide range of cultural activities and great entertainment in which you always find something to do.

What do you like the most of Barcelona? And the least?

Indeed the variety is what I like about Barcelona, especially at lunchtime. When I'm there I like to think that I can eat almost anything that pleases me because surely I find a restaurant, bar or food stall in which it is served. The least... mmmm... tolls.  

What do you value the most when making a recommendation?

That depends a lot of the country. We like to offer several things for example a national park, a little of historic sites, areas where trekking ... What is never missing in your backpack? The photo and video cameras and a notebook to write the travel diary.

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