Interview with bloggers

Interview with bloggers

Meritxell Beltran and Alex Llamas are the creators of Meritxell is addicted to traveling, she has not unpacked the bag yet and is already planning the next destination. Alex is learning Chinese and knows how to prepare some Thai dishes. Both from Barcelona, office professionals, share the same purpose: to enjoy the city every day as if they live in a timeless holiday! We talked to them to discover this Blog, highly recommended for those who want to make the most of the city that never sleeps.

When did the project Barcelona Blog start?

In January of 2013 with a domain and hosting for a year and a long list of photos and experiences in our mobile phones memories

Why did the idea of ​​doing this blog come up?

Both of us are very travellers (we spend over a month a year outside Europe) and we love our city at the same time, enjoying every day like if we were on vacation. We post in different communities and social networks about our experiences, and we did not want to put aside all related with Barcelona, even a short walk, a drink, a meal or shopping tips. Moreover, we often go out during the week, the two of us, with and without our couples and we think our experience is worth sharing and not leave it stored in a photo editor or a notepad.

Which do you think is the star section of your blog?

The star category is undoubtedly the one related to the restaurants. We could say that today 75% of the content of the blog, our Facebook community and other social networks is related to food. We like good food and good drink, but continuously. We eat at home few times, in fact Meritxell is thinking of throwing down the kitchen wall and expand the closet.

What is the best in a blogger life?

It is good to see how your experiences, your text and your pictures come to people who really need some advice. There are very grateful people in the answers that we offer via email and Facebook in terms of recommendations. There are times of the year, such as Valentine's day or Sant Jordi, where everyone wants a recommendation for dining out. Anecdotally, there is the case of a mother who goes each week to eat out with her child to a different place recommended on our blog.

Do you always try all the restaurants, bars, bakeries, etc. you recommend in posts?

Always. If we do not try, we do not post. For this reason, we apologize if some of our photos are not very good quality. Sometimes the light, mobile or filter used may not be correct.

How would you define Barcelona in a sentence?

Barcelona causes a permanent state of happiness.

Which places are a must for a tourist visiting this city?

La Barceloneta and l'Eixample, which are also our neighborhoods. These two places, among several others, are most representative of the city. On the streets, architecture, monuments and establishments. For a tourist who smiles when he looks out the window, the structure of l'Eixample and the long beach that begins at the W Hotel are easily recognizable from the plane.

Which is your favorite neighborhood or area of ​​town?

Each area has a charm, but we perhaps say Ciutat Vella. The promenade of Barceloneta is unique! Everyday life in Born or Raval makes you feel away from the bustle of the city, and there are still antique shops. We love discovering surprises in every corner of the city!

Complete the sentence: A must dish to try in Barcelona...

Rice! A good rice with fresh seafood brought from the market, that's why we have Mediterranean home. There are many restaurants that make delicious rice in our city.

What do you value most in a place when recommending in your blog?

If they made ​​us enjoy the moment and we have recommended it to at least one close friend or a colleague in the office. If something is good and of interest for us and our inner circle, it is also good for our blog readers.

Which ingredients should have a blog of this kind to attract people?

It must be agile and dynamic and illustrated with many pictures.

You have a lot of fans in social networks, how have you managed to create your community?

Being constant! Social media never sleeps and we burn our cell phones battery to listen, answer and share with our community at any time of day. This is almost a 24 hours service.

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