Spending a few days in Barcelona means that, sooner or later, you will visit Glories, the popular name of Plaza de les Glories Catalanes. Its space has been a key point for the history of the city and now has many points of interest. You can see up close, for example, the famous Agbar tower or visit Bellcaire market , also known as els Encants Vells: this antiques market has been held since s.XIV.

Today, you can enjoy everything offered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 9 pm. And if that were not enough, Glories also has a mall! Undoubtedly, it is the perfect spot for a day of shopping.

It is also the perfect starting point for a route to different areas of the city: on the one hand, you can explore the new space 22@; connects to the Ciutadella and the Vila Olimpica and is the gateway to Poblenou. In the Plaza de las Glorias you will find three of the great streets of Barcelona: the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Diagonal and Meridiana Avenue: it is, therefore, one of the focal points of the city.

The appearance of this place has changed over time, and that its history has been bumpy since Cerdà, the great Catalan architect, projected it into 1859. At the beginning of s.XX took place countless workers' demonstrations, strikes and raids..

The black market also had place in the postwar period, and it was not until 1951 when Glories became circular. However, the great transformation of the square came in the 60s and culminated in the 80s, during the proclamation of Barcelona Olympic venue as 1992. It was during these years that the famous ring road was built and has characterized it for years.  

Despite all the changes undergone over time, the Plaza de las Glorias still retains some echoes of the past: the Farinera del Clot takes both the name and the structure of a flour factory. It was also preserved palm of the more than 200 who drew the way to the family Caubet mansion.

Currently, Plaça de les Glories is immersed in an intense process of remodeling that will totally change its appearance, which aims to convert this point in a large green pedestrian area. Conjugate years of history with a proposal for the future is undoubtedly complex: it will take several years until the project is finished, so you will have an excuse to go back to Barcelona!

Photo credit: Daniel Cossio / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND