Getting around Barcelona

Getting around Barcelona

Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel is one of the most modern and most comfortable hostels of Barcelona and it is located in one of the safest and quietest areas, Les Corts district. The vast majority of the city attractions are very close. We are going to tell you which are the best options of getting around Barcelona from Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel. 

Public Transport

If this is your first time in Barcelona, public transport is your best option. The city's railway network is modern and very easy to use and the new fast bus lines (named under the letters H, V and D) allow you to move wieldy throughout Barcelona. From the hostel, the closest stops are Numància (tramway) and Les Corts (Metro. L3). You can reach them by foot (10' walk) and from there connect with the whole transport network to reach La Rambla (15'); Gràcia or La Sagrada Família (25'); Park Güell (35'), etc. Besides, since the recent inauguration of the Metro L9-Sud, you can go to Barcelona-El Prat airport in more or less 45 minutes from Zona Universitària. If you have a night out and stay until late, the best option once the Metro is closed – remember to check the timetables – is the Nit Bus (night bus). Lines N0 and N12 depart from Ciutat Vella (Historic Quarter) and stop close to the hostel.


Bicycle is gaining a lot of presence in the city and is a good choice if you are on the mood of moving freely around Barcelona. Right in front of the hostel there's a bike lane that connects with the one in Diagonal Avenue. This one crosses al the city and takes you to the seafront. Cycling the network of bike lanes, is an easy way to reach the main points of interest in town. Remember that, as our host, you can rent an bike at Bici Park for a special price.


People from Barcelona use to walk a lot and the city is well known for its pleasant boulevards with wide pavements. From the hostel, in less than 15 minutes you can reach places like Camp Nou, the gardens of Palau Reial (Royal Palace) or Passeig de Gràcia. All the surrounding of the hostel is also a pedestrian area. If you want to stroll to Plaça Catalunya, you must make a little effort as it will take up to 45 minutes to get there.

...and plan your day!

At the hostel, at the Metro stops or when renting a bike you can get maps to guide you throughout the city, but you can also use your mobile device to plan your routes. We recommend you apps like Google Maps or the official TMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Transport). Also City Mapper, an app that allows you planning your trips on public transport, by bicycle or on foot that, in addition, guides you along the way avoiding getting lost.

Enjoy and move around in Barcelona!