How to get to Barcelona

How to get to Barcelona

Are you already preparing your trip to Barcelona? You know what places you want to visit, what museums want to go and where you will stay? Perfect! But have you ever wondered what options you have to get to the city? We will explain you how to get to Barcelona so you can decide which is the best way for you, okay?

Getting to Barcelona... by plane

Barcelona is a city with a very good network of airlines: many companies operate at the airport of the city and a lot are low cost, so it is a very economical option most of the time. The airport is well connected to the center: once you reach the terminal in less than half an hour can reach the city by train, bus or taxi.

Apart from Barcelona airport, there are also two secondary airports: one in Girona and one in Tarragona, where mainly lowcost airlines operate. If you've taken some of these options, keep in mind that are more than one hour away from Barcelona and transportation from the terminal to the city often does not cover what you save on airfare. But, of course, there are always exceptions!

Getting to Barcelona... by boat

The Port of Barcelona also has high traffic and there are many international companies operating here. This is the best choice if you want to come with your own car or if you want to start enjoying your stay from the beginning, as the boat will leave in Drassanes, near the center and connected  with metro and bus. 

Getting to Barcelona... by train

The network of trains passing through Barcelona is enormous: the main station is Sants, which is almost the same level as the famous Atocha station in Madrid. By Sants pass high-speed trains, regional trains...

Getting to Barcelona... by Bus

Depending on where you come this may be the least comfortable option, but its price makes it very interesting. The most important bus station is Barcelona Sants, a focal point of transport: here you can link to different train lines, metro and bus.

Daily buses arrive not only from other Spanish provinces, but also from other countries, so it should be no problem getting a ticket from many parts of Europe.

Getting to Barcelona... by car

This may be the less comfortable option, but perfect if you want to move without having to rely on schedules of any kind. You will find many route planners on the Internet to schedule your trip and the best route.

As you've seen, getting to Barcelona is not at all complicated. To choose the transport that best suits you will depend largely on the time you have available, the budget and how far in advance you make the reservation.

Photo credit: kozumel / Foter / CC BY-ND