Trained as an english teacher in the TEFL Iberia’s school of Barcelona

Trained as an english teacher in the TEFL Iberia’s school of Barcelona

It is recognized by all the importance of learning English in our globalized society. Therefore, many foreign students come to Barcelona every year to learn as future English teachers in school TEFL Iberia, located on Valencia Street, 275. We spoke to Richard Davie, Director of Studies of this school who has been for 6 years in Barcelona training new English teachers, about the benefits of studying in our city and on the methodology of teaching TEFL Iberia.

Why is Barcelona the perfect city to train as an English teacher?

Because there is so much work! English teaching is one of the few industries that have hardly been affected by the recession. Companies are still investing money in learning English as they need to sell their products to a global market, and most parents recognize the importance of their children learning English, so the sector is overall relatively unaffected.

How many foreign students come to Barcelona every year to learn how to teach in your school?

We run 10 courses per year and have an average of 6 students per group, so approximately 60 students per year. We like to keep our group sizes small to make the experience more personal and the time more productive.

Do foreign students easily adapt to life in Barcelona?

Yes. For people new to the city there is a thriving expat community and it's very easy to settle in and make friends. The quality of life is also great for English teachers and your wages can stretch very far. Look this video: 

What do you offer to your students?

We offer 120-hour full time intensive training courses. The courses takes one month to complete and include:

  • Study of all aspects of grammar and methodology.
  • 10 hours of teaching practice with real students.
  • A job guidance session with the head of the Barcelona TEFL Teachers Association (BTTA). This includes help with your CV, job interview preparation and access to unadvertised teaching jobs.
  • Accommodation service.
  • Very modern school with a beautiful library and study space.
  • Small groups and a personalized approach.

How long does it take to train to be an English teacher? What methodology do you follow?

The standard course is 120 hours long and takes one month to complete. We follow the communicative approach - the students are the 'protagonists' of the class and the emphasis is on them practicing, talking and listening together. Our trainees learn to make their lessons as productive, engaging, relevant and fun as possible!

What qualification / certificate do trainees get at TEFL Iberia?

Candidates who complete the course receive a 120-Hour TEFL Certificate and a performance appraisal.

Once the course is finished, do most of your students find work in Barcelona?

All our graduates who have looked for a job in Barcelona have found one. Most graduates pick up some hours straight after the course and build up to a full timetable after one month. About 70% of our graduates stay in Barcelona but others have travelled to Russia, China, South America and South East Asia to find work. We created an Alumni Network on LinkedIn so all our graduates can keep in touch with each other.

Besides the school, what attractions does Barcelona have for students to come to train at your school?

Barcelona is an amazing city! It has the beach, mountains, beautiful architecture, lively nightlife, great food, affordable restaurants and incredible atmosphere. There is also plenty of work for English teachers, with everything ranging from teaching kids, to regular adult classes and specialized business classes. For more information about training to be a TEFL teacher or finding a job abroad get in touch with Richard and TEFL Iberia:



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