Festes de Sants, more than a block party

Festes de Sants, more than a block party

In summer, many municipalities of Barcelona celebrate their traditional feast. Block parties mean the end of the holiday for some and the beginning for others. One of the parties that we want to share with you are the Festes de Sants.

Festes de Sants, an essential appointment

Sants Feast is an essential event for the people of Barcelona and for lovers of the city. Why? Sants is one of the city's most social and associative neighborhood of Barcelona. Discover it and live it with full force these days is a good excuse to feel its streets, know its resources and possibilities, and its way of life.  

The Feast is celebrated in honor of St. Bartholomew, who is the patron of the Vila de Sants, since immemorial times. The big week of Sants is one week after and means a great effort to make it possible. Traders and neighbors commissions organize themselves to decorate their streets, plan activities, concerts... The purpose of these is to show you a very happy and fun neighborhood, and every year they get it!  

Strolling through the streets of Sants is a privilege that now, more than ever, you should not miss. The party starts with firecrackers, do not panic! It is their way of announcing that the party starts and that you are part of them. After that, you can admire the Castellers of Sants which will form a human tower as a tribute to their patron, a chance to see the result of the human collaboration. From there, you can participate in all the activities offered as popular meals, concerts, craft fairs, workshops for children... The gegants (giants moved by people) will also impress you a lot and are typical during this celebration, or the Diables de Sants, people dressed as devils and they do very impressive performances with fire. Finally nothing better to finish the celebration than the Piromusical, a huge fire castle with a lot of color. As you see, Festes de Sants are a good example of the dedication of the people to their neighborhood, the chance to have fun in a city as cosmopolitan as Barcelona and a few days of absolute disconnection.  

Photo Credit: Facebook Festa Major de Sants