El Clot, a neighborhood with character

El Clot, a neighborhood with character

If there is a neighborhood with character in Barcelona, this is definitely the Clot: its history goes back to small workshops that settled in the area during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, so it's no surprise that here the environment is different: with so many centuries behind, El Clot is a neighborhood that shines. This area often goes unnoticed for most of the tourists who, at best, are close to Glories mall or Encantes market. However, if you decide to walk its streets you will discover a friendly, open and very quiet zone in the city.

Still, El Clot has its own Ramblas: we refer to the street Rogent, an avenue lined with local shops where you will find all kinds of services, from handmade jewelry to clothing, pet stores or many handicrafts. You can also get close to the neighborhood market: it is an imposing brick and glass structure that was created in the XIX century, and still retains the splendor of its best days, when it was an important point in the commerce of the city. If you get tired of walking the streets or want to see something more international, remember to stop by Glories mall.

In Glories you'll find more than 150 stores: Zara, Levi's, H&M... Oh, and also many fast food restaurants. Another place you can not miss if you decide to visit the neighborhood is Clot Park: where a huge green space with antique shops integrates RENFE trains. It is a great example of how architecture and the environment can be combined to create amazing playgrounds.

Finally, we recommend visiting Encantes Market: until not too long ago, this market was outdoors and people flocked from hundreds of stalls of clothing, second hand objects, antiques or books... To reach this neighborhood you have plenty of options: if you do it in public transport, you can arrive by train, get off at the stop El Clot - Aragó , or metro with violet and red lines, stop Clot . In addition, there are countless bus lines giong through the neighborhood.

Photo credit: Oh-Barcelona.com / Foter / CC BY