Do you come with us to Barcelona's Feria de Abril?

Do you come with us to Barcelona's Feria de Abril?

The Feria de Abril de Catalunya is more relevant year after year. A multicultural event which for decades has been held in the Catalan capital and is celebrated in the Parc del Forum of Cultures, since 2005, very close to the promenade of the city.

The second busiest Fair

In recent years the importance and capacity of the Fair emulates the Feria de Abril in Seville, which began between 1846 and 1847 thanks to a new sample of cattle that, at the time, created in Andalusia two entrepreneurs from Catalonia and Basque Country.

A century later, some Andalusian associations in Catalonia create their own party in Castelldefels, which has been until its 45th edition with the most important events between attractions and good atmosphere. Moreover, the importance of the Feria de Abril of Barcelona, ​​which is the second largest fair in the Country is only behind the Feria de Abril held in Seville, as it is logical, but ahead of Malaga, Cordoba or Granada Fairs in number of attendees.  

10 days of Feria de Abril in Barcelona

From April 28 to May 7, the Maresme-Fòrum, the neighborhood that has hosted the past editions, will have more than 70 booths for leisure, dance and Andalusian cuisine; showing andalusian customs, where sevillanas and flamenco predominate in the ninth Andalusian province, as has often been considered Barcelona for the large number of immigrants who settled here since the middle of last century.  

For the fair with we count with more than ten hectares of land, divided into the Real de la Feria, where the booths, dances and restoration predominate and Elm Street, where stallholders move and you can enjoy entertainment attractions of all kinds. In recent editions, the Feria de Abril de Catalunya has met at least 1.5 million people in the ten days of the event, reaching figures of more than 3 million visitors in the most massive event in Barcelona. The April Fair of Barcelona has become an essential event on the agenda of the locals and the thousands of tourists who come to enjoy the atmosphere, food, tradition, and above all, the fun of the Andalusian fair in Barcelona. Are you coming to the Barcelona's Feria de Abril?     

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