Discover the best parks in Barcelona

Discover the best parks in Barcelona

Barcelona has many attractions and stunning landscapes that make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Among them, it is incredible his extensive network of parks and gardens, public spaces that preserve the essence of nature and allow us to escape the bustle of city life. The green areas are essential to improve the quality of life of citizens and, therefore, their conservation and maintenance are issues that we can not forget. If you love enjoying nature, walking among trees, a picnic on the grass and away from the stress and bustle of the city, do not miss the best parks in Barcelona.

  • Parc de la Ciutadella. Built during the second half of the nineteenth century, Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the most emblematic parks of the city of Barcelona. Its origin is closely linked to the history of this city, as it was built on the former grounds of the military citadel, built by Felipe V to control the city.

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  • Park Güell. This park is one of the most renowned works of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí, which opened in 1922, declared a Historic-Artistic Monument of National Interest in 1969 and a World Heritage plce by UNESCO. Located in the district of Gràcia, represents the artistic reflection of Gaudí, through the forms and structures inspired by nature. Park Güell is a must-see you can not miss if you travel to Barcelona.


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  • Laberint d’Horta. Labertint d'Horta is part of the set of historic parks and gardens of Barcelona. Built between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, is the oldest in the city and is divided into three staggered levels. The upper deck is for the Pavilion of Charles IV, neoclassical; in the middle there is the Mirador, where you can find the temples of Italian style, with sculptures of Danae and Artemis, and Tuscan columns; Finally, on the lower terrace there is the labyrinth, the most prominent area of ​​the park.

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  • Jardins del Palau Reial de Pedralbes. If you want a stylish, unique and full of sophistication garden, the Gardens of the Royal Palace of Pedralbes is your place. The beautiful pond, lush vegetation and the palace that is in its interior are just some of the elements that make up one of the best parks in Barcelona.


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  • Turó Park. On Avenida Pau Casals, lies one of the most iconic parks of Barcelona, Turo Park. Built in the early twentieth century, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature through its roads.

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  • Parc del centre de Poble Nou. Work of Jean Nouvel, this modern Diagonal Mar Park, is an unknown architectural gem in Barcelona. It is inspired by the work of Gaudí and his various thematic spaces provoke different feelings in its visitors. Among its attractions there is the ramp Rocks, which recreates a moonscape. A special place to enjoy the tranquility in the financial district of Barcelona

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