Diario de Viaje de Kiana

Diario de Viaje de Kiana

Diario de Viaje de Kiana  is the blog of Anna, a psychologist who decided to share with everyone her fun experiences around the globe. Follow Anna adventures and... Discover fantastic places with Diario de Viaje de Kiana!

Interview with Anna blogger of Diario de Viaje de Kiana

We are happy to interview you, Anna. How did the idea of ​​sharing your travel experiences come from? And Why Kiana?

I started reading travel blogs, which I loved, and one day I couldn't remember details of a trip I made a few years ago and this made me so sad that I thought it would be good idea to write a blog to have my memories saved Kiana is a combination of my name and the person I used to travel when I started the blog.  

Diario de Viaje de Kiana is your logbook, but do consider that traveling is your lifestyle?

Traveling is part of my life, is one of my priorities, and my trips have helped shape my way of being and thinking.

You have been in 4 of the 5 habitable continents of the world. which is the one that most surprised you? By the way, what about going to Oceania?

Asia. Because of the contrast between tradition and modernity in different cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in China or Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan. I would love to discover Oceania, hope someday ...

Sure you have thousands of interesting and fun experiences. Which is your favorite?

One of the latest: to trek alone between two mountain villages in Japan without really knowing where I was, while it was raining and no umbrella. At some point I thought to turn around and return to Kyoto but I was finding small shrines which I enjoyed in solitude (because It was too early and no people) and I had a unique moment. It was great!

Although you were born in Girona, you know a lot of Barcelona. What do you like the most about the city?

Barcelona is a complete city. It has historical elements with the influence of great architects that are worth visiting, pleasant avenues, shopping areas, small corners and the possibilities offered by the sea. It's perfect.

Barcelona is full of charming places worth visiting, which is your favorite?

Leaving aside all the turistic places, I like bunkers in Turó de la Rovira in el Carmel, a viewpoint that allows to see the whole city from a privileged position and relax.

You know well the Hostel Pere Tarres. What is your opinion about the hostel? What about the social work of the Pere Tarrés Foundation?

My stay at the hostel was totally positive. The rooms are simply but with everything needed for any traveler (bathroom, lockers, desks, etc.), a very modern common area and a terrace to enjoy the little sun while having breakfast. It's a good option. It is very valuable the role of the foundation promoting volunteering, leisure time, training and research among other actions. Their work is essential in today's society.    

We strongly believe that you are a real traveler, what advice would you give our fans to enjoy their trips?

I would say that if you feel like traveling, just do it: don't think about the language or a possible sense of insecurity. The world is much safer than we often think. Don't miss the opportunity to meet interesting places and people.

Finally, which 3 things can not miss in your luggage?

Camera, I love making thousands of photos, Country guide and Excitement!

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