Come to Barcelona and do cooperative tourism

Come to Barcelona and do cooperative tourism

Enjoy the weather on the beaches of Barcelona, ​​visit the main monuments of the city, eat at one of the thousands of restaurants around the city and participate in any of cooperative initiatives taking place in the city. Doing Responsible Tourism in Barcelona is really cool! 

Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés: Solidarity Hostel

Start your solidarity holidays in Barcelona staying at the Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés. The hostel is part of the Pere Tarrés Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to education and social action. The Foundation also offers summer campus, educational family vacations and environmental education programs in more than 150 facilities upgraded and managed directly by its own staff. A great way to enjoy Barcelona and collaborate!

Solidarity initiatives at lunchtime

At lunchtime you can also contribute by simply eating. In the Espai Mescladís, Born Neighborhod, the offer home-cooked food from organic agriculture and fair trade, and not only that, you help socially excluded groups to integrate and find employment.  

Another alternative is Menja Futur, takeaways in which to buy a 5€ full menu that aid to feed poor people. Furthermore, the menu price for these social groups is free or very low. Another initiative we love is supporting tapas , an initiative of over a hundred restaurants of Barcelona where they sale a tapa of which € 0.5 is used to fight against child poverty.

Supportive Tourism in Barcelona

In Barcelona there are hundreds of foundations on which to develop an active volunteer, you simply have to contact them and realize how you can help make the lives of thousands of people easier.

One of the most successful campaigns is the big food collection done by the Food Bank several times a year, a small action with great impact. You can act donating food or participating in the collection as a volunteer. Volunteering performed by employees of the Arrels Foundation with the homeless is a great act of generosity whose purpose is to ensure that there is no one sleeping in the street. If your solidarity trip is intended to avoid loneliness of the elderly, the Friends of the Elderly (Amics de la Gent Gran) is the ideal place to visit old people that are alone and participate in their activities. Spend time and money in helping others is an act of generosity that is spreading increasingly. In Barcelona there are many foundations that work together to improve the lives of the groups at risk of exclusion. This year, make solidarity tourism in Barcelona!