Christmas menu in Barcelona

Christmas menu in Barcelona

If you are spending the Christmas holiday in Barcelona, you better come hungry: if something becomes much is eating, and a Christmas menu in Barcelona is not good if there is no a lot of food. We will explain you which are the typical dishes of these dates, which are usually present in both meals and family dinners as in most restaurants are. There is always who decides to innovate, but these days are made for tradition. You will understand  after discovering what dishes are we talking about!

#1 Carn d’olla This stew is made with a bit of everything: chicken broth, beef, pork backbone, meatballs, potato, cabbage, carrot... The most important ingredient is the pilota , a ball of minced meat with parsley mash that is distributed among the people.

#2 Stuffed Turkey Although we usually associate it with the celebration of Thanksgiving in the US, stuffed turkey is a very typical Christmas dish of Barcelona and Catalonia in general. Formerly many families bred these animals in their homes, and when Christmas was coming frequently served it as a menu item. It is filled with sliced sausage, raisins, pine nuts, bacon and plums. It is one of the most typical dishes though, in truth, little by little is being lost: it's a fairly elaborate dish, so many families are beginning to opt for other equally good and tasty options.

#3 Sopa de galets The pasta shells are a characteristic pasta of Catalonia. This soup is the undisputed star of Christmas menu in Barcelona and consists of pasta shells filled with minced meat. It is really difficult to cook this dish with meatballs inside the pasta: a challenge, no doubt! It is worth the effort, you'll see!

#4 Canelones No need to explain you what are the cannelloni, right? This well-known dish is usually very common in the Barcelona houses when Christmas comes, and the cause is the custom to take advantage of all the food. Usually served on December 26, cannelloni are prepared with what was left yesterday as in other provinces do with the croquettes. As a difference with Italian cannelloni, we will tell you that in Barcelona do not have tomato.

#5 Neules This dessert so similar to the wafers is made from flour, sugar, egg, lemon zest and butter. It is perfect for eating alone or to eat  Catalan cream, a good sorbet...

You see, the key to enjoying a good Christmas menu in Barcelona means... eating a lot!

Photo credit: visualpanic / Foter / CC BY