Centenarian Shops in Barcelona

Centenarian Shops in Barcelona

Many of the most iconic Barcelona's shops opened their doors to the public for over a century, but are still working as the first day. Its unique charm has overcomed the time, and neither the epochal changes or fads, or the passing of a way of life to another have stopped them.

Do you feel like discovering these centenarian shops in Barcelona with us? Let's start by Food shops? Can Culleretes restaurant, located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, will surprise you with typical Catalan dishes. It was opened in 1786 and is definitely a must for going back to past. If you want to relive the history of Barcelona and Catalonia, you can not ignore the Cafè del Centre, inaugurated in 1873, among others, the anarchist Salvador Puig Antich spent a lot of time. To buy food, drinks and various deli, do not miss Queviures Murray or grocery Quilez; these centenarians shops are amazing for both the eye and the senses.

Getting into one of these stores will make you vibrate with the echo of thousands of past stories. Following this line, the sweet tooth can not miss Xocolates Amatller, the oldest cacao brand in the country: in 1797 the Amatller family started to produce it, until today. The Fargas chocolate transport you to the modernist period and you can enjoy incredible chocolate. But not only cafés, restaurants and sweet shop survived the turn of the century: the Subirà chandlery continues to produce candles since it was opened in 1761, both for churches and particular decoration.

The Obach headgear and Ferrer Argelaguet pharmacy, both from the early s. XX, will surprise you pleasantly. The main charm of these old shops in Barcelona is that they have maintained the essence of its origins until today, and shine with light itself among modern windows that surround them. But if there are two of these shops that will blow your imagination into another era, these are beyond dispute, El rey de la Magia and El ingenio.

The first, which opened in 1881, has the pride of being the first store dedicated to illusionism of Spain; the second has been over 150 years creating papier-mâché figures that have been central part of the Christmas festivities. Obviously, Barcelona hosts many more centenarian shops that are able to transport you to another time.

If you want to know more, you can always discover the secrets of the past century through organized tours, as you'll find in ConèixerBcn. Its charm is due perhaps to the reason that we feel that our history is part of theirs? We do not know, but we encourage you to find out!  

Photo credit: Natalia Piernas / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA