CCCB, Barcelona's culture landmark

CCCB, Barcelona's culture landmark

The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) is a public entity created by the Barcelona Provincial Council and the City Council. Located in the Raval, the CCCB opened in February 1994 with the aim of becoming a consortium dedicated to the study and exposition of the urban culture of the city. Now it is one of the most popular and best rated cultural centers throughout Barcelona.

The CCCB owes its success largely to the quality of its exhibitions and its multidisciplinary programming based on activities for all ages and dedicated to linking academia and the general public, starting with the creation of new technologies. To achieve this, the CCCB organizes exhibitions, concerts, festivals, debates, conferences and lectures program, promotes artistic research in specific fields such as multimedia, among other activities. It also goes a step further and exports its products and ideas to other cultural centers, museums and public institutions both nationally and internationally.

The consortium understands culture as an enriching factor for both people individually and to the whole society and aims to boost it becoming available to the general public a wide range of documents, publications, digital files and all materials related to culture grouped in the contemporary media file CCCB. Besides being a center in which culture is promoted through activities, exhibitions and consultation of such documents, it is a space that offers the opportunity to reflect, discuss and interact with professionals in the art world and people who, like us, are intended to keep learning and sharing their knowledge.  

Since its inception, the CCCB has stood out as the only center in Barcelona dedicated not so much to the economic aspects of culture, but its diffusion through thought and interpretation of contemporary reality today. It is a landmark of culture in which discussion and contrast ideas play an essential role. On the other hand, it is important its spectacular building that contains rooms dedicated exclusively to exhibitions, an auditorium, a library, classrooms and multimedia applications and resources. Although the interior is worth visiting, it is really shocking the newly constructed glass facade, which is about 30 meters high and offers a spectacle of reflections.

If you're a hardcore lover of culture and you want to continue learning in a different and unique way, certainly the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona is the place you are looking for.  

Cover Picture Author: KaosBrutal (Retorn) / photo on flickr