Catalonia's typical dessert

Catalonia's typical dessert

Today we approach the sweeter side of Catalonia explaining you which are some of the most delicious typical Catalan desserts. As you can imagine, each area has its own traditional recipes and the variety is huge, so we have decided to explain which are the most famous in Catalonia.  

The best-known typical Catalan desserts

  Made with ingredients from the earth, the typical Catalan desserts move somewhere between popular tradition and luxury: most have a humble origin and were made with ingredients that people had in their villages, like curdled milk, eggs or the almonds; Still, they soon began to introduce variants with other luxury products that were not available to everyone. Most recipes that we enjoy today are precisely those simpler, that have been passed from generation to generation and retain the traditional flavor of this land.

Crema catalana

Among the typical Catalan desserts, Catalan cream (Crema catalana) takes the position number one: It is a cream with egg, cinnamon and lemon with burned sugar above. One of the strongest points of the Catalan cream is the combination of the crunchy texture of burnt sugar and the soft cream. Delightful!  

Coca de llardons

It is a cake made with pork bacon, traditionally made for Carnival Thursday, the last day before Easter that meat was allowed.


Panellets are one of the most famous Catalan typical desserts, along with the Catalan cream. These are small balls of white marzipan that is made with almond powder, sugar, egg white and lemon essence: this is the basis and, from here, there is a good variety of recipes. The most typical are those coated with pine nuts but there are also others with coconut, almonds or chocolate.  

Mel i mató

This dessert is very typical of Catalan cuisine. It is made with goat or sheep fresh cheese (the mató) and the traditional way of eating is covered with honey to sweeten it, but it can also be eaten sprinkled with sugar instead of honey. There are many more typical Catalan desserts: the coca de Montserrat, carquinyolis, bunyols (donuts)... But you these four are undoubtedly the most representative of Catalonia. To delight with Catalan typical desserts, in a big city like Barcelona, ​​is ideal. Stay in the best hostel in Barcelona and... Tell us which is your favorite dessert!  

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