Castelldefels beach, a paradise

Castelldefels beach, a paradise

Castelldefels beach is a privilege for those who live in Barcelona or in nearby towns because it is a sandy paradise located about 18 kilometers from the city. Barcelona has many beaches, with a wide range of services and for all audiences, but sometimes you want to get away from the city, right? If you want to go to a beach that is well connected by public transport and not far from the capital, read on!  

Castelldefels beach, a paradise near Barcelona

Castelldefels beach is a place to enjoy a total and absolute tranquility. You feel that you leave the stress so typical of Barcelona in just a few minutes. Its waters are considered among calm and windy, and its sand ... it's golden! Yes, a dream location and very close to us. Its nearly 5 kilometers of beach are equipped with numerous showers, wooden walkways for access to the sand, children's play areas for families, towers and surveillance chairs to feel safe ... and free wi-fi! Opting for a good swim and a drink is the best option in these hot days. From this year the beach bars are distributed along the beach and some of them will offer live music. Because we can lengthen the day and take the opportunity to admire the sunset, don't you think?

If what you like is sport, you can practice water sports as it is logical. The beach has a yacht club and several sailing schools to practice any sport related to the sea. So, you see that it is a perfect place, so do not be surprised to find some famous football player playing his favorite sport or just walking in the promenade, because there are many celebrities who live nearby.

Castelldefels beach is a perfect beach, so has various quality certifications that accredit it. Furthermore, it is also an inclusive beach, adapted to everyone because it has an amphibious chair service and toilet modules adapted for the disabled. A beach where we can all be with no difference, because it is a beach of all and for all.

As they say on the Castelldefels tourism website, its beach lifestyle, sea style . Live it!