Camp Nou Experience

Camp Nou Experience

Football Club Barcelona is one of the most renowned soccer teams worldwide. With over 100 years of history, the club is one of the most important signs of identity of Barcelona, ​​and Camp Nou is its temple and its most representative element. If you decide to visit the city, Camp Nou, in Les Corts neighborhood is one of the mandatory activities in Barcelona if you are a fan of football and sports in general. For this reason, the club offers a complete tour, the Camp Nou Experience.

There you can visit the changing rooms of the players, the museum where all the history and trophies of the Football Club Barcelona are collected, visit the press room where interviews with coaches and players before and after games take place, and tread the field, sit in the stands and enjoy the views. The first stop of the visit is the Museum of F.C. Barcelona. Considered one of the most modern football museums, it shows all the trophies Barça won throughout its history, as well as all the kits the players have worn.

The new release that makes this museum one of the most modern is the interactive audiovisual area, where you can relive the most iconic goals and read its history, and all through touch screens . The museum also has a room made ​​up with screens all along the wall. The tour continues through the press room and the locker room. Here you can sit where journalists sit and have the same perspective as them during the press conference. You can also enjoy the other side, the table of the coaches and players. The visitors' locker room is another area you can visit the Camp Nou experience.

After thet, you will cross the changing room tunnel, with the faces of all the players of the first team printed on the walls and an ambient sound that makes you to feel one of them. And finally, what all visitors expect, step on the field and sit in the stands. Do not miss the chance to feel the grandeur of the Camp Nou and tread the same ground as your heroes when they come to play!  

Author: Viaggiatore Fantasma / photo on flickr