The best Christmas markets in Barcelona

The best Christmas markets in Barcelona

Although we are still in November, the reality is that time passes too quickly, and Christmas is already just around the corner.

In a matter of days the streets of Barcelona will begin to fill up with the lights decorating the facades of the buildings, thoughts of how to decorate the Christmas tree and the manger this year, or simply how to enjoy the city of Barcelona at this special time of year.

And the reality is that, for these days to be as unique and peaceful as possible, one of the keys is to have everything thought in advance and not leave things to the last minute.

Therefore, the Christmas markets of Barcelona are essential to learn about the culture of the city during this time of year and get entranced by the magic they offer.

Most of these Christmas markets are concentrated during the month of December, where you can find handmade figures of Bethlehem (your Christmas is not complete without your caganer) and how can you resist singing “caga tió, hazelnuts and nougats”, while you hit the poor little trunk dressed as Santa Claus with wooden sticks.

Thus, taking advantage of your accommodation at the Pere Tarrés Barcelona hostel during festive dates, we have prepared a list of the best Christmas markets in Barcelona, so you don't miss a thing.

Santa Llúcia Fair

This is the quintessential Christmas market in Barcelona. It is a great emblem of the city, since it represents the Christmas spirit with its 232 years of history. You can find it in the Placita de la Seu, just in front of Barcelona Cathedral.

There you will discover the best Bethlehem figures, the best craftsmen dedicated to Christmas, Easter flowers, mistletoes, trees... everything that reminds you of the holidays and is beautiful is here. Without a doubt, a must-see in Christmas Barcelona.

Christmas Market in Sagrada Familia

At the foot of the most emblematic building of Antoni Gaudí, rests the little sister of the Fira de Santa Llúcia: the Christmas market of the Sagrada Familia. With more than sixty years of history, it has also become an unavoidable event for people visiting the city.

It is a fair where you can find typical Christmas decorations at an affordable price; but it is also very focused on the food products representative of this period, such as nougat and nuts, or for the sale of gifts, especially handicrafts, jewellery and clothing. It will be practically impossible for you to leave without trying a delicacy or buying a gift for your family back at home.

Happy Christmas Market

This Market, organised by Nau Bostik in the Sagrera neighbourhood, brings together over 40 designers and creatives from different disciplines.

Here you can find vintage pieces, urban art, live music and dance and food trucks.

In addition, an important detail for animal lovers: pets are also welcome. Perhaps it is the most alternative market version you can find in Barcelona for the Christmas dates.

Fira de Reis

Finally, the last market we recommend is located on Gran Via (between Comte d'Urgell and Calabria).

In these stalls you can find everything: from the typical figurines of the nativity scene to accessories, toys, baubles, chocolate, jewellery... But what makes it stand out above other fairs are the churrerías. So, if you are one of those who like to eat and get excited about the Christmas atmosphere, this is your place.

After reading this, the excitement of experiencing Christmas has suddenly awakened and the child inside you is ready to play. So, taking advantage of your visit to the city, stay at unique accommodation such as the Barcelona Pere Tarrés hostel and do not miss the opportunity to visit the best Christmas markets in Barcelona.