Barcelona's skyline: the biggest buildings of the city

Barcelona's skyline: the biggest buildings of the city

It is said that Barcelona is the city of Catalonia with the biggest buildings. It is easy for us to believe, yes, but it is also just as easy to get lost among many buildings and not distinguish the true skyscraper from the rest. We will tell you which are the buildings that actually form the skyline of Barcelona so you can admire them, do you come with us?

Skyline of Barcelona: Touching the sky

We begin with an introduction to the history of the architectural design of the city, but do not worry it'll be short! Barcelona had the first urban renewal from the organization of the Olympic Games in 1992. Two buildings that sure you know, the Mapfre Tower and Hotel Arts in the Olympic Village, both of 154 meters high, were constructed. From the Universal Forum of Cultures, in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, there was a new wave of memorable buildings. Then the neighborhood and its surrounding areas joined indissolubly to the city recovering factories, for example, that were in disuse and generating true associations. Barcelona dressed up and showed us its most striking dresses! Thus, another building that also stands out for its height is the Agbar Tower, which is actually now the third highest in Barcelona with 142 meters high. Other constructions known as Habitat Sky followed it. Yes, we have high buildings, but they respect each other, and are based on an idea of ​​some overall horizontality, right?  

But that is not all! Barcelona's skyline keeps changing. Nothing is fixed in this life, and less the view of a city from the sky! The countdown of the completion of the building of the Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí has started, because the forecast is to be finished in 2026. Many artistic details are not completed yet, including 10 towers. Some of them will exceed both the Hotel Arts and the Mapfre Tower we have mentioned. Yes, because the idea is that some of them will be of 172'5 meters high, tremendous! Anyway, it will not exceed the highest tower in Barcelona, Montjuic, that Gaudi considered the mountain of God, a true divine creation. The architectural designs of the buildings of the city should never exceed, therefore, the 173 meters.

It is said that female cities do not accept skyscrapers and the male cities accept them. Barcelona, not having many extremely high buildings, seems that it is extremely feminine. What do you think? We believe that Barcelona from the heights is simply a spectacular city.