Barcelona's corners: Port Vell

Barcelona's corners: Port Vell

The Port Vell starts at the end of Las Ramblas: crowned by the famous monument to Columbus, it is the oldest part of the port of Barcelona, and over the years has been reinvented to accommodate new features, new people and new spaces. In this way, the statue of Columbus leaves us, aside, the Royal Shipyards, known as Reials Drassanes: here you can enjoy the Barcelona Maritime Museum, which offers a unique way to get closer to the sea and its special relationship with the Barcelona. Proof of this is the schooner Santa Eulalia, a very representative historic sailing ship of the Catalan fleet, that you can find in the Portal de la Pau.

What to do in Port Vell of Barcelona

Once you arrive at the Portal de la Pau, recreational options multiply: crossing the iconic drawbridge will take you to the Maremagnum shopping center: over 50 stores await you in an enclosure located on the sea, so the views are another great incentive to move up here to do some shopping or simply walk and drink.

And if the shopping is not enough, do not worry! The Port Vell has much more to offer: first, you will find the Aquarium of the city, more than 450 different marine species live in the larger space focused on the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean. Moreover, you can also visit the IMAX 3D cinema.

The Port Vell (Old Port) is also the starting point for the cable cars that take you from the port to Montjuic: it is a journey of over 1000 meters that gives you incredible and unique view of the entire city of Barcelona. The opening and closing time changes depending on the time of year, so you have to check their website.

Besides these options, you can also take a ride on one of the mythical golondrinas with daily pass through the port or stroll along the seafront up to the Barceloneta: this neighborhood was once the fishing district of Barcelona, ​​still retains its charm and it is ideal for getting lost in its streets..

If you are looking for a more cultural offer, in the Port Vell you'll also find it: in addition to the Maritime Museum, it is located the Museum of the History of Catalonia and you can visit several historic buildings, including the headquarters of the Post who is based at the beginning of Via Laietana. You see, the Port Vell has much more than nautical offer: it is culture, it is history, leisure and, above all, is the essence of the best of Barcelona, ​​which is rooted strongly in the Mediterranean. Stay at Youth Hostel Pere Tarres and do not miss it!