Barcelona under the stars

Barcelona under the stars

It's so nice to see the stars from an observatory, from the top of a mountain, in a privileged environment. In Barcelona it is also possible and, moreover, it is an easy option to arrange to enjoy with your couple, family or friends. Because we are not alone in the universe and it is sometimes necessary to stop time to recharge and return to the fast pace of everyday life harder. So, we'll help you live the magic of Barcelona under the stars, follow our tips!

Where to enjoy the stars in Barcelona

To see the stars in Barcelona it is necessary to move away from light and environmental pollution so characteristic of large cities.

First we recommend an observatory par excellence, the Fabra Observatory, where you can live a truly astronomical activity. Its evening sessions, with their dinners under the stars, mean the possibility to taste the wide gastronomic menu, which follows a scientific conference or meeting disclosure of the hand of true experts in the world of astronomy. If you like to admire the sky, this is the ideal place!

You can enjoy a drink under the stars on the terrace of one of Barcelona's hotels to enjoy a romantic dinner or a cocktail in absolute silence, is also another option. Of all the hotels terraces from which to observe the stars, we will recommend two in particular. First, the Mirablau Hotel which is located in one of the places with most impressive panoramic views of the city, again in the mountain Tibidabo.

As Barcelona is a city of contrasts, and also of possibilities, if you prefer to stay away from the mountain and near the sea, it is also possible. The Arenal Restaurant is a beachfront restaurant with a terrace from which to see the stars accompanied by the sea breeze. Paradise, right? Needless to say it is worth it if you go to Barrio El Eixample and know someone in your attic has a good patio, hopefully will see the starry sky while animatedly dinner with your group of friends or family. Stargazing is very rewarding if you enjoy in the company, do not forget to think if you know any amateur astronomer, will help you to learn to understand our friend the sky!

If you do not mind moving and taking the car, you can go to Santa Fe Swamp, in the Montseny, about 45 minutes from Barcelona. It is a privileged natural environment from which it is easy to see the stars. Another possibility is to climb to the Mola of Sant Llorenc Natural Park in Terrassa, a municipality also close to the city, and discover the absolute disconnection.

Before you organize your schedule to see the stars, we recommend a must for true lovers of the starry sky. This is one of the most popular astronomical events: Tears of San Lorenzo. This is a meteor shower, which is named for associating shooting stars with the tears of San Lorenzo that night. It's a total magical moment!  

Photo Credit: Facebook Arenal Restaurante | Albert T M | Buscavientos