Barcelona on roller skates

Barcelona on roller skates

Would you like to know a different way of exploring a city such diverse as Barcelona? Do you enjoy having fun with all kinds of people and do sport while being on holidays? If you are passionate for roller skating, do not forget to wear them and discover Barcelona on roller skates. The city offers many types of public spaces where you can get the most out of your skates and practice in the Skate Park of Barcelona. Are you going to miss it?

Barcelona on roller skates. Unforgettable experience

The Catalan Capital, for being fairly flat and accessible city, is amazing to explore through environmentally-friendly and efficient transport modes such as bicycles or skates. In addition, organisations such as the Barcelona Skaters Association(APB) organise different types of excursions, trips and activities at any time of year so you can always find an opportunity to enjoy amazing roller skating.

What if you travel without them? Don’t worry, you will have many options to rent or even buy them cheap, everywhere in the city. Once you are equipped, it is only a matter of learning different tricks and you are ready to move where the wheels, motivation or your imagination will take you.

Where to skate in Barcelona

Furthermore, in order to discover the city while walking the streets, there are specific places and routes for skaters throughout the city. Therefore, skating in Barcelona is an experience that cannot be missed and surely it will fascinate you. For example, the Barcelona Skaters Association organises entirely free classes on Thursdays and Saturdays on the Paseo García Faria, which run along the coast or the Parc del Forum. While on Fridays, from the same place, starts an interesting guided route, and every last Sunday of each month APB organises an interesting turtle route . This one is slower or for less experienced who set the tempo, which is fantastic for all those who start with roller skating.

The above-mentioned APB is not taking a back seat and organises skate-routes every Friday. Some, for more experienced and others for beginners called snail . Furthermore, they organise all types of routes in different districts of the city such as the Bonanova route, the Camp Nou, the Carles III, the Gràcia Route and many others. APB also runs classes and organises various sport events related to roller skating. Another great option to explore Barcelona on roller skates is Roex.

In this second-hand shop you can find real bargains. Moreover they offer free classes. They can recommend some good routes in the Old Port and the Paseo de Colón, as well as on the bicycle lanes, for instance the one which starts in Plaza España up to The Columbus Monument through Parallel. The path continues up to the Forum and runs along the promenade is also another option. There are many alternatives to skate in Barcelona. All you need to do is to try them on!