Barcelona for families

Barcelona for families

When we move from 2 to 3, things change a lot, right? Plans become family plans and especially when our children are young. Barcelona is one of those great cities to do things; seriously, a lot of plans can be done in the city! So take this advantage, and enjoy the six plans that we propose to live Barcelona with your family.  

6 Plans to enjoy Barcelona with the Family

1. Educational activities

Learn while having fun is the best way to do it; Why don't you visit the various scientific exhibitions of CosmoCaixa (Museum of Science)? It is perhaps the most classic choice, but you can choose any museum. Above all, the Chocolate Museum, L'Aquarium, the zoo or the Wax Museum.

2. Enjoy outdoors

A walk through the Parc del Guinardó or the Sierra de Collserola; we also have the Turó Park, the Park Güell or Parc de l'Oreneta if you want to have a picnic; another good option that connects beach and river is the walk along the Besos, recently remodeled.

3. ¡Books, books, BOOKS!

If you like reading, you must go to Central, with its own children's section. Do you want something more focused on them? Go to Abracadabra Llibres in Ciutat Vella, or the library Luz de Lula, in Gracia.  

4. Take a snack or some tapas

For example, in the Federal Café very fashionable place in Parlament street or Granja Petitbó. Two places that are filled with families for weekend brunch.

5. What about the theatre?

If you think your kids are not enjoying, try events for young people: there are for all ages! We will recommend the Jove Teatre Regina, the Ateneu de Nou Barris and the Teatre Llliure (with special functions for children known as El Lliure dels nens).

6. Nature, tranquility and family. All in one!

The thematic plans organized by the Pere Tarrés Foundation, are the perfect alternative to enjoy a rural setting with plenty of activities for families. Embark on a pirate adventure, observing the stars or enjoy la Patum, you will make many friends and you'll have great day. Barcelona with your family can be experienced in many ways! 

  • Visit the Tibidabo, enjoy the panoramic views of the city!
  • We also like the Museum of Inventions
  • The hundreds of parks and squares to celebrate special occasions with the kids! Just for Kids, Barcelona Bosc Urba, the Pudding or Happy Parc.
  • The Petit Liceu is a good way to teach what is opera with a program adapted to their age. And the same for the Petit Palau de la Música Catalana!
  • Discovering Granja d'Aventura Park, to meet all kinds of animals, teach our children to respect nature; experience, contact, closeness.

There are many more options, of course, but here are our recommendations to enjoy Barcelona with the family!