Art Galleries in Barcelona, Barcelona is culture

Art Galleries in Barcelona, Barcelona is culture

Barcelona hosts a number of renowned art galleries. In addition to the expressive works of the artist Antoni Gaudí or the emblematic Museu Picasso in Barcelona you can find other art galleries that are also a must visit. So, we will recommend some of the art galleries that we consider most significant of the city, follow us!

The best art galleries in Barcelona

The Cosmo Gallery is an ideal place to start our artistic journey. It is a bar with a large space in which exhibitions are held. Do not miss the chance to have a drink breathing an atmosphere so full of color and emotion: you will feel privileged. It is also located at Enric Granados, a beautiful pedestrian street in the characteristic Eixample district of Barcelona.

Another art gallery with a long history in the city is the Marlborough Gallery, also in Enric Granados street. In Spain it was inaugurated in the city of Madrid to arrive in 2006 at Barcelona. Another of its galleries is in the city of London. They are all part of the same initiative and, indeed, passion: the art of the twentieth century.

Another gallery of the same street is the Gallery 3 Punts. 3 Punts Gallery specializes in promoting new artists and artistic creations truly unique. Do not forget to visit it, it will surprise you!

You will find Angels Gallery in the heart of the characteristic neighborhood of El Raval. It is a place where works of internationally known artists are shown, but also has a space for film and video projections. We recommend you check your calendar and enjoy the display of their artistic experiments.

Joan Prats Gallery is a pioneer in the city in relation to the current contemporary scene. Since its founding in 1976 continues to fuel the various forms of expression of artists spreading and promoting their works. A gallery with history you should not miss.

Another gallery that continues to surprise us with its art exhibitions since 1991, is the Trama Gallery. It is located on Petritxol street famous for its peculiar bars, chocolate shops and other well-known art galleries.  

The gallery curiously named as the street that we just mentioned, is the Art Petritxol, which is located on the street Consell de Cent. In Art Petritxol you can enjoy the masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the historical vanguards. If you want to give you a quiet moment, it is your place.

To end, our last recommendation is devoted to one of the galleries that gives more space to young artists, the Gallery Joan Gaspar. It is a social meeting point between art lovers and an ideal place to discover the artistic trends.

You've seen that Barcelona is a city where art and artistic expression is enhanced. Because art is culture, and culture ... it's alive!  

Foto de Portada: Galería Trama