Arriving by cruise to Barcelona

Arriving by cruise to Barcelona

Arriving by cruise to Barcelona is a unique experience: dock at the cruise port at the end of La Rambla, has a charm that can not be compared with the arrival by plane or train. Going down the gangway of the cruise you come face to face with the bustle of the city, with its daily grind, nothing to do with the stress of the train or the impersonal nature of airports. Once in Barcelona, you have many ways to reach the city center. Depending on the terminal to which you get (there are 7 aimed at cruise) you might consider walking to the center.

The fastest way is to take the subway or bus. There are several tourist cards that can save the entry to museums, the shift in public transport and other benefits. You can stroll along the Rambla to reach Plaça Catalunya: do not forget to discover the Gothic quarter, that is sure to fall in love.

Once you reach the square, you can continue your visit through Paseo de Gracia to visit the Pedrera and other modernist works you'll find here and there.  

If you take the purple line metro you can make a trip to get off at Sagrada Familia and see in person this brilliant work of Gaudí. Near the temple you will find many locals to drink or eat, and if you go up the Gaudí Avenue you can reach the Hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Creu, unique hospital in the world to have underground tunnels that connect the pavilions. A cruise to Barcelona can limit the time you have available to enjoy all the treasures of the city, so we recommend to take again the subway or the bus and go to Spain Square. There you can enjoy a beautiful avenue that leads you to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya: you do not have time to visit, but the picture is beautiful.  

If you go to Parallel Avenue you will live in first person how it is one of the most emblematic areas of the city. You can even venture into the Raval neighborhood to discover the multicultural aspect of Barcelona. For example, hidden in its streets you will find surprises like Botero's cat, a feline friendly awaits you at the end of the Rambla del Raval. Walking these streets is a luxury for few: Beyond the desire to see monuments, there are spaces having its own force and Raval is certainly one of them. To sit and drink in one of the terraces and observe the atmosphere is a very special experience. If you take on Parallel Avenue and continue down, you can admire the royal shipyards, known here as Drassanes Reials where the ships of the fleet of the Crown of Aragon were built. Definitely a very interesting final point more interesting to go back to your cruise.  

Photo credit: Jonathan d[-_-]b / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA