Air raid shelters in Barcelona

Air raid shelters in Barcelona

Barcelona is a modern, open city, which is oriented to the future, but also takes care of its past, because it is part of its story! As there is no better way to learn than approaching reality, Barcelona gives you experiences, such as visiting its bomb shelters. Barcelona's air raid shelters are places where you can easily move and know firsthand how the locals lived many years ago.

Do you come with us on this journey in time through the air-raid shelters in Barcelona?

This adventure will begin with a brief historical introduction, right? Barcelona was the first city systematically bombed during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) by German and Italian air armies. Fortunately many residents of Barcelona survived thanks to the existence of the bomb shelters, true places of refuge while the city was bombed from the sky. The air raid shelters were located a few meters underground and could be accessed from the staircase of a block or from the street. They resisted the force of the bombs and its entrances were designed to protect the blast of shrapnel. One of the things that we find most interesting in this type of construction is they were carried out with the cooperation of the entire population. It is thanks to the collective work that we move forward as a society.  

The air raid shelters in Barcelona.

The 307 shelter in Poble Sec. It is at the foot of the mountain of Montjuïc and it is surprising because it is one of the largest shelters in Barcelona. It had a capacity for 2000 people... how amazing! For years it was restored and now you can visit it. Do not miss it, because it is a privilege to know a witness of our past so close.

The shelter of the Plaza del Diamant. You'll find it in one of the beautiful squares in the popular district of Gracia. With a capacity for 300 people, it is built 12 meters under ground. Its approximately 250 meters of tunnels make an idea of ​​the potential of the place. This shelter will allow you to approach the inhabitants of the city, that tried to protect their lives there. The shelter of the Plaza of the Revolution is in the same vila de Gracia. You can visit a part of the shelter that consists of a gallery and two nursing rooms, among other parts or resources of the place.  

Palace de les Heures shelter is presented in a perfect condition. It is the refuge in which Lluís Companys, the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya at that time was protected. If shelters are buildings with history, this has a political history that we should know.

Do not miss the opportunity to get closer to the bomb shelters of Barcelona. Keep in mind that life in the past was terribly hard and it is a sign of respect to approach it.  

Photo credit: Arrels Fundació | Biblioteca MUHBA