5 Fun Plans with Kids in Barcelona

5 Fun Plans with Kids in Barcelona

Barcelona has incredible corners that the smallest ones will love it. These are the top five fun plans with kids in Barcelona.

5 Fun Plans with Kids in Barcelona

1.- Stroll through the Parc de l'Oreneta: Trip by steam train

At the top of the Sarrià district is the Castell de l'Oreneta, well-known for the train circuit on a scale run by the Studies Center - Model Steam Barcelona. The 636 meters long railway line have one of the oldest European machines. A great experience for the family every Sunday morning, except holidays, and discover the beautiful park, which is actually a forest within the city. In it there are several leisure areas and playgrounds for the smallest ones, moreover for the big ones, there is a table tennis. In the upper part of the park there are picnic areas with excellent Barcelona’s panoramic views.

2.- Barcelona Aquarium

Shark Walks

 For the sea and animals lovers, one of the most fun plan with children in Barcelona is a trip to the Aquarium. In its Mediterranean and tropical aquariums live all kinds of marine species. Sharks have never been so close! In addition, the Aquarium offers a fun clue game, where children will learn many curiosities of the bottom of the sea while solving problems.

The most original birthday

The center has a room adapted to celebrate a birthday. It is certainly one of the best places you can imagine to organise a good party and impress your guests.

3.- Excursion to Tibidabo: Amusement Park to see in your lifetime

One of the most representative places of Barcelona is the Tibidabo, the oldest amusement park in Spain. Its attractions includes standard theme parks elements, such as the Giradabo, a panoramic ferris wheel at the edge of the hill with incredible views on the city, or the panoramic plane. For children there is the Miramiralls with deforming mirrors room which will amuse them. Moreover Tibidabo has areas for picnic with swings and fountains. During a night time, the park offers evening shows for the little ones which they will enjoy a lot.

4.- Lost in the Laberint d'Horta

This neoclassical garden is the oldest one in Barcelona, dated back to the 18th century. Inside there is a labyrinth formed by cypresses, very similar to the one from Alicia in the Country of the Wonders. The children will enjoy playing, hiding and seeking in the corners or looking for frogs in the pond.

5.- The Forest of the Fairies

This bar set in a forestis is hidden off the side of the Ramblas. The Barcelona Wax Museum bar, as its name suggests, looks like a fairy-tale forest thanks to its decoration, full of trees, starry ceilings, waterfalls and bridges in which fairies, dwarfs and all types of fantastic creatures. This setting, with its own storms, makes an ideal place to include among the other plans for children in Barcelona. Barcelona is a city which offers many fun plans to do with children. If you are looking for an accommodation for your family, the Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés will be your best choice. Modern and cozy accommodation with unbeatable price