5 day trips out of Barcelona

5 day trips out of Barcelona

Prepare the backpack and put it on your back. Since if you have decided to come and spend your holidays in this incredible city, you should discover these wonderful places near Barcelona which will convince you that this was the right destination, if you have still some doubts. We are surrounded by so much beauty, that even it surprise us! Every day you can discover corners which should be a must to see during your trip, for their charm and proximity. Discover 5 day getaways near Barcelona one way or another during your visit in the city.

5 day trips out of Barcelona


For its proximity, beauty, beaches and cultural offer, one of the getaways close to Barcelona which is worth visiting is the city of Sitges. It takes less than an hour and fin is guaranteed. Known for being a permanent venue for the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, one of the most important film events in Europe, Sitges also hypnotizes us with its beaches and restaurants. The palm-lined promenade makes walks along the waterfront a perfect experience. Recommended for those who like the most touristic destinations as well as those who want to fall in love with the Mediterranean coast.

Santa Coloma de Cervelló

If you are an art and architecture lover, believe us when we say that a getaway to Santa Coloma de Cervelló should appear on your list. In just a half an hour you can be in front of one of Gaudí's best kept works. The Colonia Güell won’t leave you indifferent like all the other wonders which this creator gave us. You will be able to walk through the crypt which later on was an inspiration for the Sagrada Familia.


Divided Barcelona by the River Besós into Badalona, a city of Romans origin that has grown to become the third most populated city of Catalonia. One of the favorite locations for any photography enthusiast, is only 20 minutes from the center of Barcelona. Its beaches with golden sand, is a perfect to getaway from the overcrowded city. You can find over there the Pont del Petroli.

An old hydrocarbon discharge facility that has been transformed into a footbridge which goes more than 200 meters above the Mediterranean where you will feel like the sea surrounds you. During the winter as well as during the summer, this visit is really worth it, because of different range of colours, depending on the season. But it is not only the coast, getting lost in its historical center or visiting the museum of Badalona will allow you to understand better the history and will explain how it has survived since its foundation in the third century BC.

Corbera de Llobregat

Corbera de Llobregat, town near Barcelona located on the banks of the Llobregat River, from which takes its name. We love this quiet little village. On the Sant Ponçs road you will find one of the most incredible, built on a rocks, hermitages you could ever seen. They will take you centuries back in the history. During the Christmas, the Live Belen, the first in Catalonia, is just another reason to visit the town of Corbera and learn more about its historical soul.

Torrent de Colobrers

Between Sabadell and Castellar del Vallés in only 40 minutes from Barcelona, you will find a natural wonders. Tranquility, vegetation and a small stream, are the elements which will accompany you on your way through Torrent de Colobrers, a path with the soundtrack made by birds and water dropping. If you are a nature lover you will here a complete harmony. Since you already know as much as we do, it’s time to create your perfect getaway and stay at the Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés during your visit in Barcelona!