5 New Year's Eve plans in Barcelona that you cannot miss

5 New Year's Eve plans in Barcelona that you cannot miss

Goodbye 2019, welcome 2020! Without a doubt, New Year's Eve is one of the most special, eagerly awaited moments of the year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of the new decade with your loved ones with one of these plans for New Year's Eve in Barcelona, and with which you will enjoy a night to remember.

Celebration in María Cristina

One of the best plans to celebrate the New Year in Barcelona is to go to the show that takes place in the area of Avenida María Cristina.

This is one of the most massive events in Barcelona, around 70,000 people get together each year to enjoy this New Year's Eve show.

But also, since 2014, the year is received in Barcelona with this show of music, colour and pyrotechnics in the magical fountain of Montjuïc. Don’t miss this macro plan for New Year!

Restaurants with a special charm 

On the other hand, if your idea is to enjoy this day next to your friends and acquaintances in a more intimate place, and without such an agglomeration of people, there is the option of dining in some restaurants that have a special charm so you can have a magical night in which to say goodbye to the year.

There are many types of restaurants and, depending on your tastes, you can find all kinds of menus, menus and gastronomic offers.

Enjoy the Barcelona night

After 12 grapes and toast, whether at home, in a restaurant or on Avenida María Cristina, it is time to get you groove on. Barcelona is full of bars and clubs to celebrate the entrance of the year in style depending on your musical tastes and your budget. Of course, it is very important that you book tickets in advance so as to avoid disappointment or having to pay up to double at the box office.

One of the great options to start the year in a big way is to dance at one of the city’s legendary nightclubs. Being the New Year's Eve you can enjoy several offers and promotions that will not be within your reach for the rest of the year. Take advantage of them!


The great party of Poble Espanyol

One of the most popular plans to enjoy the New Year is the big party organised at Poble Espanyol.

They have been celebrating this event for 30 years, which year after year is reaffirmed as one of the most emblematic New Year's Eve parties in Barcelona. You can live the special moment in a great atmosphere; there will be grapes, cotillion, glasses and good music until 6 in the morning.

At home and among family

Finally, we must not detract from the fact that we can celebrate the arrival of the new year at home and among family. Gathering friends, preparing a good dinner and sharing the special moments of the last 365 days is also a nice way to close 2019.

2020, and therefore a new decade, is here. And a great option to celebrate your arrival is to stay at the Barcelona hostel of Pere Tarrés, from where you can access very easily all the top spots  where the various activities are celebrated on New Year's Eve.