3 parks to enjoy with dogs in Barcelona

3 parks to enjoy with dogs in Barcelona

More than 16% of houses in Barcelona have dogs. At that rate, we have to add all those who are not registered and which no data: something the Generalitat de Catalunya has corrected significantly, with several campaigns that have increased census in more than 60%. The number of dogs registered in Barcelona in 2014 reached 158,000 and today it far exceeds, so parks and green spaces to share with our four-legged friends have become a basic necessity. Today, Barcelona allow traveling by subway with dogs, have thousands of dog-friendly places throughout the city and has some great parks to go with dogs. But, where can we get together with other animal lovers or simply have enough space for our dogs to move? In Barcelona, ​​there are three points that stand out above the rest.  

Dog off-leash-areas in Barcelona?

The current ordinance does not prohibit to stroll with the dog without a leash, but it forces us to take it in spaces in streets and sidewalks for the safety of all. However, many people go to dog areas, enclosed spaces where dogs socialize, play and enjoy.

1. North Station Park (Parc de la Estació del Nord)

The largest in Barcelona is located between Marina and Arc de Triomphe. It has more than 1,000 m2 and is the one that many families choose to enjoy their four-legged friends in a large area which is expected to expand to 3,000 m2.

2. Joan Miró Park

Very close to Sants, where many residents are also concentrated in the Parc de l'Espanya Industrial, the Joan Miró presents a remarkable space with almost 800 m2 for our pet to enjoy upside down.

3. Industry Gardens (Jardins de la Indústria)

With 513 m2 is the third dog park of ​​Barcelona. It is centrally located and usually there are many dogs; if you think so many dogs can stress your friend, you will find another option between Marina and Travessera de Gràcia (behind the Jardins del Príncep de Girona) or down Antoni Maria Claret, at the height of the Jardins de Can Miralletes.

Many other open spaces for dogs in Barcelona

Also, a well-mannered dog can enjoy a free run in many green spaces in Barcelona. For security, the most important thing is to teach it to come when we call it and practice with it all its life basic obedience. Thus, we can play with it in areas like the Parc de la Ciutadella or the Parc del Guinardó, as well as all kinds of green areas at the foot of Collserola. Collserola is one of the most interesting places to walk with your dog and let it run free. Also the BEsós Rover has become a place of thousands of square meters where our dogs can run and socialize with hundreds of four-legged friends.