10 things you can not miss in the Park Guell

10 things you can not miss in the Park Guell

We could say that if there is a place in the world for which Antoni Gaudi is known it is Park Guell, but it is not true; before, it is the Sagrada Familia, but immediately after this public park is the most famous At this point of the Barcelona periphery of the late nineteenth century, Eusebi Güell acquired farms Can Muntaner de Dalt and Can Coll i Pujol, where he was installed before the urbanization that the famous Catalan architect designed as an English-style city garden; a project that had no commercial success and was re-sold to the City of Barcelona from 1926.

10 things you need to do in the Park Guell

Maybe you already knew all this, so if you are thinking of visiting the Park Guell, note on a list the ten essential that you should do

1. Follow one of the recommended routes!

There are three very common: Sant Josep de la Muntanya, Olot Street and Nature Square, and you can visit them and download them to the recommended routes section of the website of the Park Guell.

2. Take a picture in the trencadís dragon

Because everyone does. Because it is in the park entrance. Because it is an icon of the city. Because it is one of the most beautiful examples of trencadís designed by Gaudí... You have a few reasons

3. Enjoy the Sala Hipóstila

If you have never visited, the 86 fluted columns of the area that should be dedicated to the market of the urbanization will leave you stunned. You also understand part of the genius of Gaudi, with an installation of filtering rainwater that serves as the internal support for corrugated bench at the top of the cornice that crowns the colonnade...

4. The Square that was a Theatre

Known as the Greek Theatre for its original planning dedicated to the great shows, Plaça de la Nature respected the terrain from the first minute. Today, instead of shows, there are souvenir sellers.

5. Remember that there is a monumental area

And another one that it is not. And even if you come to visit it is not very common that you get out of the area of Park Guell and you make a turn around the park... Why not? One of the bets of the architect was to unite architecture and nature! Is there perhaps a better tribute? Of course, beyond all this, the Park Guell is a perfect place for a long visit where you can discover small details that bring us closer to Gaudí and understand a little better the feelings of modernism, Catalan and naturalism of the time.

5 Things (more) to do in the Park Guell

6. See the tilt at Portico of the Lavandera

7. See the Austria en Flor Gardens

8. Park Güell viewpoint

9. Discover the house Casa del Guarda

10. Take a guided tour

A guided tour is essential! There are audio services and even private visits, for families or groups that offer us the possibility to know all the hidden secrets of the harmony of this project Find out what to do in the Park Guell and enjoy the wonderful Modernist park of Antoni Gaudi. Stay at the Pere Tarres Youth Hostel, the best hostel in Barcelona. We will wait for you!